Tech Gifts

DO NOT BUY THIS! Even though they say they’ll send you an adapter for any netbook/notebook they won’t! I’ve tried number of times to get an adapter for my ASUS netbook but they never responded, never sent one to me.

If you haven’t already, please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

The Emerson 720p Action Cam is not a good deal.

Its on Amazon for $31.77

And to top it off if you spend an extra $3.23 you will get Free shipping.

Noo! Darn you bills, general needed expenses like food and fuel…

I just got the soundbar and blu-ray player recently from woot only to find that my remote from my provider won’t support the soundbar properly…

I’m glaring at the Logitech remote…that’s exactly what I need.

Side note: If you’re debating getting the Logitech Harmony remote, there’s generally great reviews on this thing. It’s compatible with nearly anything except your coffee maker. …but who has a wireless coffee maker anyways?

Don’t believe me?
Okay, believe the 3.6 stars given by 375 people on amazon.

Bought the Solo VTR156-4 Vector 14.1" CheckFast Neoprene Laptop Sleeve back in October. It’s very thin…describing it as having “padding” is an overstatement.

I bought the Emerson EDC240RD 12MP Digital Camera - Red.

It is SUPER grainy - does not look at all like 12MP. Thought it was just the screen, but it wasn’t. The pictures taken with it on the memory card are just as bad. I would NOT recommend this camera to anyone…it is awful.

The Kindle Fire 1st Gen Refurb is cheaper on Amazon …