Tech Goodies Under $50

The Craig Bluetooth speaker is a dollar cheaper on Amazon. With shipping it is the same price.
Reviews are few, but what there are generally are good.

[MOD: Free shipping today here. $6.09 shipping on the one you linked.]

Yeah, a dollar cheaper, but $6+ for shipping.

Stay away from the

Pyle PL12AT3C Plug In Car 1 to 3 Cigarette Lighter Multiplier Ashtray Combo

It is absolute crap, not worth even a dollar.

Pyle PLMP5B2 FM Radio Transmitter…does this device play over the car speakers or its own internal speaker?

Came here to report horrible reviews as well.

it transmits what ever device you plug into it over FM radio. Your car’s radio could pick that up or if close a boom box or portable radio.

That (sold out) Sony DVD player is nice (I have one) but it does not play as many video file formats (AVI, MKV, etc.) as my Philips unit.

But very nice for commercial DVDs.

Does anyone make an HD portable or Blu-Ray???

I found that Motorola HD adapter to be a waste of money. It has the HD pin, but a second pin is next to it that (apparently) makes it impossible to plug into anything other than certain devices configure that way.

Boo to Woot for not showing the “working end” of the device. Not worth the hassle to return.

Pyle PL12V3P Plug In Car 1 to 3 Cigarette Lighter Multiplier & Power Control Station

I wouldn’t know how well it works.

The very second I plugged it in, I knew it was worthless. I never even plugged anything into it.

Insanely bright LEDs all over it, will make driving at night IMPOSSIBLE.

I don’t know why manufacturers of all kinds of electronics INSIST on including LEDs that are brighter than the sun and blinding at night.

DIDO! Thing broke almost immediately. POS = Pyle of sh!t.