Tech help needed.Couldn't Order-Divine Intervention?


I am new here and tried to order the camcorder the other night. It kept saying my order was denied, something about address verification, etc. I checked everything, and it was fine. I tried to use a debit card and had more than enough money to cover the purchase.
I have McAfee virus protection and Webroot spysweeper. I even shut off the Webroot, still no luck.
I emailed Woot, but no response.
Any ideas of what I did wrong? Or was this divine intervention, as I’ve spent way too much money this month and shouldn’t really be buying a camcorder?

I expect to get mostly funny answers, and I do love the wonderful sense of humor here, but will be happy with one serious solution mixed in somewhere.


Gimma needs to field this one.


Do you have a different “ship to” address than “bill to” address?
Just guessing, but if that is the case it might cause a problem.


If this is your first purchase, make sure you’ve entered your billing information EXACTLY as it appears on your statement. For example, don’t replace “Street” with “St.” or “St” or any other slight variations. That seems to be one of the more common causes for denial of orders.

If you’ve previously ordered from woot with this card and didn’t have a problem, then, ummmm, hmmm, not sure what to say. Got another credit card?


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mtrlgrl, you still around? Did ya’ figure out the problem?


Yeah, I read that other thread. Hate to say it, but that was pretty confusing regardless of the punctuation. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen you babble.


Yup, I think I was the only one who understood what I was saying, but by the time I was done, even I was lost!


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