Tech.Woot Carty Favors

So is it 30 pin to HDMI? I can’t find anything about this online

It’s a proprietary 3M connector:

Connects your favorite Apple® devices to your 3M™ Mobile Projector to display videos, movies and photos

The Maxwell Tablet sound system is great. I bought it for Pandora dance parties between my wife and 2 year old son. It lets the music flow throughout the house, which is problematic when “what does the fox say” starts playing.

Great product, great price. Nice job Woot!

The Panasonic blu-ray player only has netflix for wifi apps. BE WARNEDe!

I will give $50.00 for the 50 Watt Bazooka tube! Any takers? It is a sellout after all, right?

I will sell you my used one for $70 shipped. 10", 200W.

The tech.woot.carty favors is suppose to ship with no fee. Has this worked for anyone. When I check out, the $5 fee is tacked on.

But will it also connect the Apple device to anything requiring an HDMI connection, like a TV?

Tempting, but have space limitations!

Shipping is $5 per cart/order. You can stuff your cart with as much as you want and it all ships for $5.

Here’s more info on the shopping cart.

Not sure, will let you know when I get one in hand.

Official answer, it is only designed to connect an Apple Device to a 3M specific product, projector only, and the model that it’s supposed to work with is listed on the box the cable is found inside. Tried to use it like normal HDMI, will not work. Thankfully I did not buy this alone and pay $5 shipping but it came with an already placed order for other items.