Tech.Woot's One-Stop Woot-Off

2 different users were able to sell out 3 different products with a single purchase? How many items are they selling here? One, two or Three of each one only?

I love tech.woot, and I like to see a one-stop woot-off. This particular sale, though, is not inspiring. The PCs are at sale prices not that different from the sale prices I see on a given Saturday at a discount store. The combined decline in PC sales and rejection of Windows 8
brings me these kind of prices without Woot. The Klipsch soundbar is at a sale price, though it is not my cup of tea. The GPS products apparently sold out through a limited purchase by a single purchaser,unless there is a glitch in the counter.

I buy fairly frequently from Woot when there is some really cool gadget for which I can say “hey, that’s a bargain!”. I do not see anything this sales that gives me that feeling.

RE: Motorola VGA Travel Adapter

Can someone clarify the rules for the purchases here… if I buy the Motorola VGA Travel Adapter and it doesn’t work for my Xoom (original version) then can I send it back to Woot! Or, use that 90 warranty to get my monty back?
I need to hold it to tell if it will work (and can’t rely on the limited information here).
Please advise.

The Woot FAQ answers this pretty well.

You Can Choose several Items and Get the $5 Shipping for your Whole Order. (rather than $5 Per Each Woot Off Item Bought as was the case when the Original Woot Off item changed every few mins)
Only Drawback is that the Items Advertised Do NOT seem to Be Changing.
It would be Good if they Had More items,… Or when Some Items are SOLD out, that they Be Replaced Automatically by Other New Items :slight_smile:

Isn’t the HP ENVY a touchscreen laptop? the description doesn’t mention anything about that…

Not necessarily. We’ll state if it’s a touchscreen. These are not.

Was Woot given a list of compatible devices… because I’ve read in places that the Xooms aren’t supported, and in one onther place that they will work.
Do you know?

I’m sorry, we weren’t given a list. The Motorola site/support would be the best place for that info.

Question about the Optoma ML300.
is it guaranteed to have zero hours? If not, how will I know how long the LED has been used?

There is no such guarantee. I’m not sure if LED projectors have a bulb life setting. That would be a question for Optoma.