Techko Maid Robotic Mopping Machine

Let’s watch this in action [youtube=0vn8S7GUbZQ][/youtube]

Time to check out the manual

So it’s like the Mint, only not as expensive and not as smart?

I’m wondering if this is a screaming deal, or if this machine is total crap?

it looks like it just pushes the dirt to the edge of the room, since when it bumps into a wall, it backs up quite a bit before turning, leaving much of the dirt behind.

Otherwise, this one has no brain behind it and just turns around at a random angle.

I wonder if it could be fun to put a dog or cat snack or toy on top and let them play! It’s priced dramatically lower than the brand name products, so I can’t imagine it provides more than amusement and perhaps some pushing around of dirt on the ground. And then you can buy new pads!
Disclaimer: I’ve only watched the video and never seen or used it. Yet I’m tempted to get it as a dog toy – wonder if I could set a timer or way to use it remotely and watch it play with my dog on my video cameras?

Our dog is scared of our Mint machine.

I wish I came bearing better news but at least it’s a good price if you don’t want to go for more expensive albeit useful models, like the Mint which I can attest to.

Big blue shoppers hate it tho.

Interesting typo in the features. What exactly are “disposable cleaning clothes?” Are they like old clothes I cut up to use as rags?

This is basically just a mechanical Swiffer, that doesn’t dispense fluid or vacuum up anything, right?

Looks like it does have a vacuum, though (or at least a vacuum button on the controls), so rather than just push the crumbs around, it has a good chance of actually picking them up. I have a roomba that works great for this sort of thing, but I haven’t seen this one in action.

Are the cleaning pads interchangeable with swiffer or do you need special ones?

Look how filthy the edge is at the ~26 second mark…

I goingto give it a try, I’m into robotics, and if this is dumb and useless for house need I will turn it into some robotic project, luckily it has everything, DC motors, wheels, casters and main thing nice enclosure… just all those parts alone make it worth 40 bucks ! :smiley:

According to the Q&A on the Walmart site there is no vacuum function, it is completely dependent on the cloths.

In the video, there was a railing around the table. Was this to prevent the robot from pushing the piles of dirt over the edge, or to prevent it from plummeting itself? One of the reasons modified Roomba’s make great demo hobby robot platforms, is that you can demo them on a table. Assuming the safety system works and is enabled, the Roomba won’t plummet.

Whether or not it has an edge of table sensor, please take photos and document the sensors and motor wiring and such, from the point of view as a robot hobbyist.

At first I thought you were supposed to fill this with water. I thought to myself “Great, now instead of coming home to see my dog leaked in the corner, I can ejoy this doing that instead”

I’m sure you could modify a swiffer pad to fit this thing regardless of the pads it takes.

Overall I think this is a horrible idea though… If your floor is dirty and you run this thing, eventually the little wheels would get dirty and then when they go over parts of the floor that it just finished wetting it’s going to leave little tracks all over the place.

I swear, when I read this last night I read “Robotic Mapping Machine,” and I passed it up because I already have a map of my home. But Mopping Machine? That’s different. Never mind!

I wonder if I can use this to “sweep” all of my children’s toys to the edges of their room? Looks quite useless otherwise to be honest.

I read it as “Robotic moping machine”.