Techko Maid Robotic Mopping Machine

Here is a review from Amazon

Here is the manual


I love my mint. How does this one compare? It’s a lot cheaper.

So the “mopping” is wetting the mop pad and letting it go? So kind of like a wet Swiffer pad, only no reserve of cleaner/etc?

I was ready to pull the trigger until I saw this. Additional reviews…

From the second video, this thing seems LOUD for not being a vacuum or even having brushes. But then - it’s $40. I love robots…wish there were more Woot posts regarding experiences. Need to think…

Thanks fj40love. I was also debating a purchase while searching for some worthwhile reviews. I will not be purchasing. Thank you for finding as the price seemed too good to be true.

That first video clearly shows that this robot does not have a set pathway like a Neato or iRobot and merely cleans where it pleases.

Was about to pull out the wallet but have to pass.

Thanks. I was almost sucked in by the price. I’ve got a terrible back problem and this could have saved me some pain. Oh well.

For everyone saying it sucks: I pulled the trigger already. I wish I could update this once it gets here. Wish me luck.

Please do post back when it arrives and let us know what you think!

I don’t have one, but after watching those videos, this has a random pathing system much like iRobot machines whereas the Mint has a much more sophisticated mapping system that helps it avoid rugs and other items. This only avoids items it bumps into. I was thinking about getting one the first time I saw it up, but this type of system wouldn’t handle rugs well, and it wouldn’t be convenient if I had to keep getting it unstuck every couple minutes.

I bought this on Woot! and man, it’s horrible. The rubber on the wheels is a weird material that actually gets slippery when it gets wet, so, as the device mops the floor, thusly getting it wet, it can’t get any traction, so it spins in place, a whole lot. Several times, I’ve come into the room it was “mopping” to find it stuck in the same place it was 30 minutes before.

It does ok if you just use dry swiffer cloths, but honestly, it doesn’t pick up stuff, it’s not a vacuum or a Roomba, so you end up sweeping anyhow. With a swiffer dry cloth on it, it’s just pushing any larger debris around the room.

Worst tech purchase I’ve made in a long time. Avoid at all costs.