Technical Pro Podcaster Mixer Kit

My girlfriend is back!

Creepy face.

The model looks like she can handle the microphone…

I hate that weird mannequin bust thing so much…

A couple reviews on Buzzillions. Just average.

Will this make me have interesting things to say?

I’d buy it if it wasn’t USB out. USB audio BLOWS.

That mannequin is going to give me nightmares tonight.

YES! It DOES work with your MAC.

How to podcast, a review

I’m speechless on so many levels …

That scary freaky mannequin is going to give me nightmares…the kind you wake up screaming in abject terror.


Sorry, Ghosty, it appears your girlfriend can handle the microphone…

I hope this includes the mannequin head!

Looks as cheap as the girl.

But it is a mixer

Rumor has it that Rush Limbaugh got his start using the Technical Pro Podcaster Mixer Kit. Its Excellance In Broadcasting.


You Are Hot!

That is chuckie … creepy. Run