Technics Pro DJ Stereo Headphones

In depth review from Digital Trends

Does this have a microphone on it?

I have owned these and used them for recording, hifi listening, and music mixing. I would highly recommended them, just remember to handle with care…

Anyone have an extra ear cushion a can have?

Some additional info can be found on the product page


i have used these headphones to dj for a few years. i absolutely love them. they are very flexible and take a beating. i paid around $130 for them so this is a great price. 10/10

is the adapter threaded for large and small jacks?
also, have you ever used Shure SRH550DJ’s? anyone know how they would compare to shures entry level headset?

Not sure what your asking on the adapter. If you look at the second photo, the cord looks to be a 3.5mm jack with an adapter to a 1/4" jack.

Does that answer your question?

Hm, I just bought some headphones, otherwise I may have given these a shot (price seems good).

But then again, I couldn’t find them over at which makes me a little suspicious…

Edit: Hyperlink FTW