Technics Pro DJ Stereo Headphones

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Is this model the same as
Panasonic RP-DJ1205-S Technics Pro DJ Headphone?

Boy do the look of these headphones bring back memories of the good old days when your main purchase criteria was THD and you would sit in your dorm room listening to The Who with a little THC! Who? The Who. What?

Interesting the specs don’t include weight.

Ummm I thought they orphaned/gave up/discontinued Technics?? I used to love there recievers.

Yes. If you look on the sale’s detail page, you’ll see the part number in the title:

Technics RP-DJ1205 Pro DJ Stereo Headphones

The first paragraph of the features refers to Panasonic.

Check out the first para of the Features. It explains all.

I bought these on the last round, for $20 more. I will say that while it is compact, comfortable, and designed for a DJ (that would be me), it still pales in comparison to my old Pioneer HDJ-1000’s. These will end up being my travel headphones for long haul flights. The clarity just doesn’t compare to true DJ gear, but it is a good buy for the price point. As far as the digital trends review, its a good review if you are thinking about using them for daily listening.

So if they are a DJ headphone and you are going to use them on a long flight, is it safe to assume they are noise cancelling?

Yea, though maybe I could’ve dug deeper in this case, why doesn’t woot give a little bit of description below the item before having to press the “I WANT ONE” button cuz more often than not I am not sure if I want one until I see desrciptions. Just saying.

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