Anyone have any comments on the blu ray players listed here? Good price or pass until black friday?

Netflix capable?

If you are interested in the Dynaflo LIQUID ARMOR, Amazon has it (shipping through Woot) for $3.99 and free shipping. No $5 Woot shipping.

Ifi tag is worthless if you upgrade to IOS 7… the app doesnt work. Total waste of my money on two of them. Woot should’t be selling these. I contacted the company and received no response.

Was considering the iFi. Now, I am not.

Does anyone know what games are available on the arcade thing for the ipad. IT says 100 games but the video doesnt work and there is no list in the description. Do the 100 games come free with the arcade purchase?

Anyone have any experience/comments on the Matchstick? Amazon shows mainly favorable reviews but I’d like to hear from real wooters.

woot sells alot of things through amazon, and I’ve always seen free shipping when bought that way.

I’d like to know this too! Take me back to the old school games. It would be fun to use a proper joystick.

The universal remote will work with my Gen. 1? Great Googley Moogley!

The “Monster HDMI Performance Maximizer” has the wrong list price again. It should be $14.99 not $149.99.

I’m seeing $7.99 for this item.

Word of warning about the Boston Accoustic soundbar…

I was considering purchasing it but decided to check the reviews over at Amazon. It seems there are several people complaining that the input selector randomly decides to change, meaning you lose sound.

See for yourself

I can’t believe I STILL have to say this:

The Monster HDMI Performance Maximizer can not, does not, will not “join two HDMI cables together to make one longer cable”!
Never has, never will.

Woot! Why do you insist on using this incorrect description?
You must know by now that it is, in fact, incorrect.

This thing, if it even works at all, is meant to go at the end of a long HDMI cable run and supposedly boosts the signal to make up for signal loss over the long run.
No idea if it works to do what it is actually meant to do, but I know for a fact that it can not possibly join two cables together.

It has a female connection and a male connection at the end of a short cable, which is not pictured (all the more misleading).

If it were meant to join two cables, it would have to have two female connectors which it does not.

I’m starting to think that they believe if they used an accurate picture and description, they’d never get rid of them at any price.

There’s much debate over whether a signal booster is necessary or at all useful for a digital signal, with most debaters being of the opinion that it’s just more Monster snake-oil.

A female to female adapter, which could actually join two cables together, would really be useful (which is why I ordered one of these months ago for twice this price and then returned it when I found out it can’t do that).

Woot! Please fix this already so I can stop playing eCommerce cop.

Here you go:
Your parent site has the correct description and photo, so why don’t you?

Note that in the picture, the cable on the right is a separate HDMI cable plugged into the female end. The cable on the left side is the integrated, short cable with a MALE connector.

Also note that NOWHERE in the description does it claim to be able to join two HDMI cables… BECAUSE IT CAN’T!

A bit disappointed: the zBoost arrived with a broken antenna. I have emailed the company. I sure hope they replace it. I am very anxious to see if it was worth the money.

Amazon bought Woot a couple of years ago.