Tee Many Cooks

These shirts were inevitable.


I watched it today. “Wait for it…” is the best advice I can give on the video.

My mind has been boggled.

Cute Hobbit family portrait

At least we got a cat shirt out of it.

I kind of wish there was an option to get a shirt that looks like you have a credit floating in front of you.

Too many t-shirts. There’s two. And it’s not a wootoff thingy. I thought this was a shirt-a-day site you guys are confusing me!

Wearing either of these shirts will help get the song out of your head. At least I hope so.

Son of a Cook!

My husband made me watch this damnable thing before bed a few nights ago…now he will casually saunter by and just say, “Too many cooks” and the tune flies from his lips to the wormhole in my head. I finally had to subject myself to hours upon hours of Mandissa and Chris Tomlin to overcome the hysteria, but now you have thrust it upon me yet again. Curses!

What the heck did I just watch?

Thank You for the warning.I’ll remain blissfully ignorant of the meaning of these shirts,neither of which I’d wear no matter what the video contains.
But hey-at least it’s not Dr.Who,so it is a stunning stroke of creativity!

It used to be a thing-a-day site. One thing. No shirts. Mostly Leak Frogs.

Get off my lawn!

Nope. Never heard of it. A quick googling suggests it’s one of Adult Swim’s fake infomercial things, which I was aware of but have never seen any of.

Oh noes, some big internet fad passed me by!!1!

The link to the “cauliflower” shirt in the description is broken. Just FYI. Not sure how to point this out to someone.

No machete-wielding Took?

Wow. After a few minutes those three words lost all meaning. It was weirder than the content of the video. To mini kooks.

I guess we’ll be in search of the miracle man next

The Link is Too Damn Broke.

Seriously. The link to that shirt accidentally is wrapped in an extra set of quotes, which breaks it hard and makes it try to send you to: