Teen Sasquatch




*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Got the shirt? Show it off in this thread!


now, that’s funny!


decent idea, but I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable wearing it :frowning:


I don’t watch football, but a bunch of people do so its going to be great wearing this.

I kind of like the brown color with the green, another one on the way for me.

I like the centaur in the background. Just noticed.


I bought one, but I was not the first, bummer.


I like this one - in for two.


Washington and Oregon are snapping them up…bigfoot is a local there.


hmmmm… ok. I know it’s been in the news and all… but I don’t get it?


Funny, just not a shirt for me


I don’t get it. Another bomb!


not for me…


This will be a great shirt for tailgating at the Chicago Bears games in for 1


This makes for my 20th shirt in less than 2 months. Pretty much have each color and then some. Awesome.


Not my taste. :frowning:


Pretty good shirt. I hope the screenprinting quality is good.


Yeah…This must have been an away game. Isn’t the home team generally shown last on the scoreboard?


i like that it makes me think of Walter Langowski and Hank McCoy and stuff, but I don’t see me wearing it.


Love the T-shirt! got 3! (now you know what you are getting for Xmas)


Alpha Flight and the X-Men… And also the Exiles, too. I can’t think of the woman’s name who is Sasquatch in that universe, though. Too funny.