Teen Worf

I am entertained

Today is a good day to buy [this shirt].


TGentry picked this one, right?

It’s awesome.

Now I know why zero-gravity makes adult Worf sick to his stomach.

Its nice to Jadzia Dax included on the shirt. So often she is forgotten when discussing Worf. Unlike Troy, Jadzia actually married Worf.

You know him so well.

Yes, and yes. :slight_smile:

Jadzia… sniffles and wipes a tear away

six colors?! wow.

Qapla’ !!!

I googled the Klingon, haha.

“tpotlhbe’chugh yay qatlh pe’’eghlu’”

Google even spell checked it for me.

I miss her too.

Jadzia’s his true love as far as I’m concerned.

First Day Sales: 403
Shirt price at 7.00
Catalog sold out