teeshirt fulfillment places....


Question for all designers out there…

I’m looking at various teeshirt fulfillment sites out there for my rejected and other designs. I’ve been on cafepress for a while on a limited basis, but i’m not married to them yet…

So i’m putting together a comparison chart of the sites out there. So far i’ve got Cafepress, Goodstorm, Zazzle, Spreadshirt and Printfection. If anyone knows of another one, or has experience with any of these, please reply!


Some of the catagories i’m looking at are,

Cost of product
Quality of printing
Range of print location
White on light colors?
Variety of products (tees, mugs, hats, etc)
Ease of linking products to another site
ease of shop setup/maintainance

If you have any comments on these, or want to know some other catagory to include, let me know…

I’ll post my findings when i have them


T-Shirt Forums has a section dedicated to t-shirt fulfillment companies, you might be able to get more information on them there.

And off the top of my head, I’d add Bountee to your list. Their shirts are pretty art-oriented, and you can enter your work in the contests they sometimes have (the Big, Bountee, Color Competition is underway now).


I was planning to start doing something similar on my site and go through each of the print-to-order places out there and talk about the pros and cons of each. Zazzle is usually a no-go for anyone around here since you don’t keep the rights to the shirts you upload.

Besides the ones mentioned, there is another new one called Skreened.com.