Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table

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Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table
Price: $229.99
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Great Reviews at Overstock

Have one. Love it. Has already paid for itself with fewer visits to the chiropractor.

I have an inverrison table (not this one) and it works great!

Just not sure you need to spend this much on one.

This is the on I have, $99



Same here. I’ve owned mine for about three years and haven’t been back to the chiropractor since.

The lumbar bridge and nodes are shown as bonuses in the features tab but are not shown in the “in the box” part under the specs tab. Is that an oversight?

They are indeed included, we’ll edit that in. Thanks!

Now listed:

Just bought my Teeter at Cost Co after passing on the last offer, better model at a lower cost. With that said, this has worked out great for me.

I am now comparing this one and the competitive one listed above. As I see it, this one has several main advantages:

1: It has cups for your feet, rather than padded bars. This will make it MUCH more comfortable.

2: It has a contoured bed rather than a flat board. Again, MUCH more comfortable.

3: It seems to be better balanced. Some report on Amazon that the “Best Choice Products” model has some difficulty getting back up, whether or not this was a user issue.

4: It seems to be better/more sturdily built. That means it will last longer, since minute flexing in the beams will eventually wear out a weaker unit - which may not be seen during the warranty period. Speaking of which, this has five times the warranty period.

5: The Teeter model seems taller. Notice that there are no pictures of the other one being completely vertical - it may only be rated to 6’6" at an angle. The model doesn’t seem very tall; a semi-tall person may drag the floor, especially when vertical.

6: It has the add-ons, like the lumbar bridge, which will help with stretching (or massaging) your back.

And of course, nothing says quality like naming your company “Best Choice Products” :slight_smile:

For now anyway, the one at Costco is the same model, without the Acupressure Nodes or Lumbar Bridge, for $299.99. The Costco bonus is the inclusion of “EZ-Stretch Traction Handles”.

They may have offered their higher-end model in the past, but not right now, and certainly not for less than the $229.99 at Woot.


How is the condition “Nearly New” defined? I see the *, but don’t see a footnote anywhere in regards to it.

Does this have the “EZ-Stretch Traction Handles”?

It’s below the gifs with the dogs and the laser pointer.

Unfortunately the EP-560 Ltd doesn’t come with the Traction Handles. You can find them on our website here: http://teeter-inversion.com/EZ-Stretch-Traction-Handles.html

Check out this one on Amazon. Brand new, cheaper and great reviews.