Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table

$215 at Walmart.

I got this on Woot a couple of years ago. Got it for my L4 and L5 disc problems. It really helps give relief when you are beginning to feel the twinges and pains of disc compression and sciatica. The earlier and more regularly you use it, the better. Very solid and sturdy. WARNING: start out slowly… for many, the head pressure and sensitivity to vertigo will be exacerbated if you transition to fully inverted quickly. Try it slowly at first until you acclimate. It is big, meaning: it only collapses down to a certain size which, if you live in a small space, will be hard to store. I keep it in parts under a bed in a second bedroom. With practice, you can reassemble it in minutes. It’s a little heavy and unwieldy to get together but it gets easier with time. If your back has already gone out on your and you are weak, you’ll have difficulty putting it together.

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$329 at Walmart. You’re looking at the 860 model.

thank you. My Bad.