Teeter EP-860 Inversion Table

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Teeter EP-860 Inversion Table
Price: $229.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Time to check out the product page and very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at HSN.com

really interested in your experience with these. I’ve got a couple squished discs, hoping this might help. Thanks in advance!


Love my inversion table, but wouldnt pay this amount, but i got mine for $40 off craigslist…

My brother has back problems too, he has one, he swears by it on relieving the tightness. I tried a few time and once my vertebrae just made a cracking noise when it got stretched out. It felt good. But this price is high for refurbs.

Have used one for years and would not want one without a padded back support…mine is 2 inch thick and flat and ok but would be better if it had a lumbar support raised area …i would pass on this …better /cheaper options are out there

SportWOOT! Yup my kind of sport,hanging upside down for ten minutes. Where’s the snack tray and won’t I spill my beverage?

Tried this one and really liked it. Very relaxing and easy to use. Bought an Iron Man with padded back and infrared heat because I use it outside. It is a little easier to use and seems a little more heavy duty, but have never used the heat so would not pay extra for it. Go for it.

I have the 860 and this is actually a decent price. Although I don’t suffer from any back issues (knocks on wood) my girlfriend has slight scoliosis. I got her this one and she swears by it. I use it after racquetball and soccer and it definitely relieves the tension. I don’t really see what anyone would be risking by getting a refurb on this product as long as everything is in alignment and the pivot action is smooth. To me, the back padding on other tables is a moot poit as we typically get fully inverted and thus do not need the padding. Teeter is a good brand when it comes to inversion tables and this is a pretty decent price. Expect to pay ~$100 more for similar models.

Hi td7849,

Padded beds may seem more comfortable, but they actually cause your body to sink into the bed and resist body slide along the table. This means your spine isn’t receiving the full decompression benefits like it can on a non-padded bed.

The EP-860 normally goes for $339 on HSN, so this is actually a really great deal!

The EP-860 is great for doing inverted sit-ups and squats! The Teeter is also ideal for decompressing your spine after running or other high-impact activities that put a lot of pressure on your spine.

HSN is not even close to the gold standard for deals on anything. Teeter is the Dyson of inversion tables. i.e., way overpriced. Other manufacturers of inversion tables produce comparable equipment for half the Teeter price.

This is actually a great price for the EP-860. On teeter.com, the price for the same model is $299.

Plus, all of Teeter’s blemished models come backed with their standard full product warranty.

I have owned a cheaper Inversion table for about 5 years. You need to take it slow, inverting at lesser angles working up to full inversion. Very relaxing, has helped my back pain significantly.

I have one, and I haven’t seen the Chiropractor since.
As some said earlier, Teeter is the Dyson of inversion tables. They meant “Overpriced”, but they are well built and sturdy, which is what you want when you are “Just Hangin’”.

Like Dyson, Teeter is built to last and they’re dedicated to manufacturing quality products. The biggest difference is Teeter inversion tables are UL listed and have outperformed a variety of less expensive competing brands in engineering reviews. Check out the Teeter Difference: http://teeter-inversion.com/Why-Teeter/The-Teeter-Difference/

I got a Teeter EP-560 refurb a couple years ago from Woot. Before getting one I consulted my pain doc. She gave me some advice before and after getting one… but highly recommended an inversion table for me. Obviously they are not for every medical condition!!! And one should consult with their physician if they have any questions or at least go to the Teeter website to go over the cautions!

That being said my Teeter greatly reduced my issues and I no longer have those great pains I once did. I was pretty shocked. If I do pull my back into a painful position I get on the Teeter and stretch it out.

I cannot do certain circular movements on the Teeter due to my situation - so again one with any specific condition should always consult their doc as you could be doing more damage than good.

btw, I found following the booklet very frustrating in putting this thing together… another friend got theirs first and said the DVD was no better - WRONG! The DVD was a lot better in assembling the monster of a contraption. Not sure if the booklet has gotten any better but it was a bit silly with the naming of the bolts and such… just my opinion.