Teeter Hang Ups 700ia Inversion Table



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Teeter Hang Ups 700ia Inversion Table
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OK, I won’t.


i want to try it




If you buy it for this price, and don’t like it, you will find that, like house values after a “bubble” bursts, value-wise when you try to sell it you are upside down. [joke]


i had one briefly. I think the same model even. I really liked it but it took up too much space, and the space it takes up (even folded) was kind of awkward. I ended up selling it. But yes… it made my back feel nice with even a few minutes a day.


I had one and it worked okay. For me though I would get to dizzy to use it regularly.


I’ve legitimate back issues (disc, not muscles), and I’ve been eyeballing these things for a while but have a fear of not being able to get back up… irrational probably, but my fear revolves around the idea of my back stretching, but not going back together correctly when going back upright.

So my concern is two fold… are these things legit, and what kind of dangers can they pose to people with actual degenerative discs?

Obama didn’t help me so I’ve no doctor to consult…


Nice! I had no idea I could buy a sex machine from Woot!


So I have one and have had bad problems with my neck and shoulder (not back so I can’t speak to that condition) but I can say it has had a HUGE difference my neck pain. I use it for 7 minutes a day. My personal trainer says she can see a difference in my posture and range of motion in my shoulders so that is an objective observer.

What I will say is that it takes up some room in the house yes! And they are pretty bulky so don’t think you will fold it up and take down everyday. If you can commit to a place in your house and 5 minutes a day it does make a difference.

As for the getting up and down on it, you control the device with your arms. Raise your arms over your head and you tilt back (as more weight shifts backward) lower your arms and you go back the other way. It works just like a teeter totter does. Once you do it a few times it’s very easy to use.

Anyway I love mine.


I need to change the shipping address


If you can still, cancel your order in your account, we’re not able to change addresses. If it’s too late, try contacting our CS department for options- you can reach them using the support tab towards the top of the page.


paid the extra for expedited shipping, so cancel isn’t an option :frowning:


To the guy worried about getting back up. I don’t think that’s going to happen. They are balanced in such a way that a small shift in your weight rotates you around. It’s weird at first…for a minute you feel a little nervous like you’re flying around, but you get the hang of it after flailing around for a few seconds. I have lower back and neck issues and it just provided a pretty gentle lengthening of the spine. I think it will be fine for your back, the more awkward sensation of it is your head being inverted (blood going to your head a little) and if you’re fat (like me) your fat being upside down. haha. it takes some getting used to, being upside down, if you’re the person who sits in an office chair all day… but you get used to that too. I would probably avoid one if I was prone to headaches or worried about strokes or maybe had a reason to not want the blood pressure in my eyes or ears to go up or something along those lines… but I don’t know if that’s really a valid concern or just my fretting over blood going in the opposite direction I’m used to.


i don’t have this one, but if you have a bad back, these can be very good. I had a laminectomy in 1996. Every once it a while, my back will go wonky. I got an inversion table on the advice of my physical therapist. If I hang for 5 minutes a day, it really makes it feel better faster than just laying around. Just make sure your doc is ok with it.