Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Table



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Teeter Hang Ups EP-550 Inversion Table
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Inversion definitely helps my back. I have low back pain due to so many hours sitting. A few minutes inverted or simply hanging from a chin-up bar helps stretch my back and feel better.

If you start using an inversion table, you DON’T hang fully inverted at first. You need to work “up” to being fully inverted. All of these tables have a feature to set how much toward inverted you will become.


Own this & love it. No more chiropractor or pain pills. Really reduces recovery time for me by days. Don’t know how I lived without it. I paid $300 for mine.


I am really not heads over heels on this item


Excellent Reviews over at Sports Authority


I’ve had back problems for many years. A little over a year ago my doctor told me he uses an inversion table and suggested I give it a try. It was the best advice he ever gave me. Now a part of my daily routine, I hang-up right after I get out of bed. Less than two minutes later I’m ready to take on the day. Teeter Hang Ups is the real deal.


It got ranked #6 on Comparaboo.com for the top ten inversion tables. Its big brother the 950 got ranked #2. Currently on Amazon for $299.


Useful tool for those who aren’t strong enough to do chin-ups or hang from a bar to stretch out their back.

This can also be a good way to relieve back pain for heavy squatters.


Got permanant GERD from a botched intubation, so hoping I’ll see one of those “scarf-dancing” contraptions on here that are popular nowadays. Pass on this but, +1 for matching dogs :slight_smile: they’re always good for a smile.


I had an early version of one of these 25+ years ago, and it likely saved me from having to get surgery. If compression of the disks in your lower spine is a problem, this is a good answer. Things to look for include how well it supports the foot and ankle, a pair of good high-top sneakers are a good thing to wear with these tables.


insert the cool gif [here] that i don’t know how to insert


I have a problem with this compare site, it talks about the Ironman Gravity 4000 and price, but links to the 2000 for the price - also does this for many of the prices listed (using different earlier models). Have a hard time trusting sites with so many link issues.


How may heads do you have?

I have an inversion table, not this brand, and it works great.
There are cheaper models out there if this one is outside of your budget


I’ve had one for ages and it’s great for my back. I’ve also got the add-ons for lumbar and vibrating massager. Skip those, they’re not worth the ‘contraption factor’ they add to the otherwise VERY simple to use Teeter.


I have 2 of these inversion tables (not this brand though). This thing has improved my quality of life 100% from the back pain that I suffer from. If you have sciatica or any type of compression caused back pain, then you really need to try one of these. I keep one at my house and one at my office.


Hanging from the bar allow some stretch for me, but doing pull ups causes me to tighten around the neck in effort. The inversion table allows me to stretch the neck as well as the back. I used to get a lot of headaches from tension across the neck area. Inversion has helped me with that by loosening that area. Building up the muscles also played a role, but I have been happy inverting. Also, you can change the angle you invert based on how well you handle it, as opposed to hanging where you have no adjustment at all.

I have this model at home. The pivot is smooth and there are enough adjustments to allow you to balance this easily, which is important if you want to come right side up again. Took a few tries, but works well for me now. Equipment is heavy and I have never felt it was unsturdy or unstable.


Suggest if you have glaucoma or high blood pressure you should check with your doctor. The inversion could increase pressure. This is true with any inversion device. jgc