Teeter Hang Ups EP-970 Inversion Table

I would agree that what you pay for is what you get. Since inversion involves your head & spine’s safety, this is no place to pinch pennies. I would trust Teeter who has a reputation on the line rather than a company that is simply trying to gain customers by being the cheapest. Buying off brands is fine in many cases but not when it puts your health at risk.

In an incredible coincidence, I was looking into these all night last night, and almost jumped on one of the cheaper ones on Amazon.

I slipped on the ice last week, and messed my back up a bit, and it’s going to be a while before I’m back at 100%, and was told something like this would speed up the healing.

I’ll take it as an odd sign to pick one up here.

[ Teeters are very stable and sturdy. I don’t know about cheaper versions you might find elsewhere but when I’m hanging upside down by my feet I like knowing the model I am in has such a good reputation.

I owned a cheaper model, which was very unsturdy, and I was going to mount it to a stand, but before I could, after 6 falls, one which took me 20 min to get out of due to the cluttered area I worked out in, I just gave up. Stay with the Teeter.

So tempted to get one of these but am almost convinced that the ones at a third of the price would do the trick just as well…hm…

Ha Ha, very funny, unless you have back problems, which this will help better than any chiropractic or other treatment.

If you mean Costco, they are offering a lesser model, the EP560+ for the same price (they do sometimes offer it for $20 less).

I have used both the cheaper model from Amazon and currently own the teeter 960. I agree the cheaper models get the job done but I returned my Amazon model for the more expensive Teeter. There is an obvious difference in the build, strength and ease of balance, which does make for a better experience. I am a larger guy and i preferred the stability the Teeter supplies but I do believe the Amazon cheaper model will do but i prefer to splurge when it comes to safety and back pain!

Any specific questions please feel free to ask!

Yes, I did buy it at Costco. I didn’t know if woot would let me say the name. I believe I paid $229 for it. Plus I figured if he didn’t like the results, Costco has an excellent return policy.

My husband just used it for the third day and says that he feels great! He hung upside down for 10 minutes this morning. He’s going to go to his first physical therapy appointment this afternoon but says he doesn’t think he’ll need it now.

You can buy a cheaper one that does the same thing. The difference is the more expensive ones will be made of stronger metals and feel alot more sturdy. If you’re a larger guy I’d recommend spending the extra money. You can goto your local sports shop and see for yourself, they usually have these on display, you can compare the $100 models and the more expensive ones. The cheaper ones have fewer materials, are lighter and will wobble. Personally I’d rather spend the extra few bucks in the comfort knowing that the inversion table I bought won’t fall over or collapse on me while I’m suspended upside down. Performance wise it makes little difference they both do the same thing. The Teeter model can lock in place so if you want to do ab workouts or what not you can.

These work very well, the only downside is that it’s pretty heavy and takes up a good amount of space. While you can fold it down for storage, it’s not slim enough where you can slide it under your bed without taking it apart.

I used it for a couple of years but I had to sell it because I didn’t have the space in my apartment for it anymore. If I ever get a bigger place i would definitely consider getting it. The couple I sold it to were really impressed by how solid and sturdy it felt, even on carpet it didn’t feel like it would fall over or collapse on you like the cheapo models.

As a representative of the manufacturer…you know that I’m a loyal Teeterite. My poor friends and family are quite tired of hearing me wax poetic about the virtues of Teeter equipment. :wink:
That being said…

We ARE the leader in the inversion table market and our attention to quality is what has kept us as the leader in this now crowded field. There will always be copies of any quality product, but the first time you invert on a Teeter and trust the quality of our workmanship to hold you safely, you will be relieved that you chose a Teeter. We have all our equipment tested to the UL standard for inversion tables and the only manufacturer with the right to put the UL 1647 mark on our tables. What does this mean to you? It means that we aren’t just another manufacturer touting our product as the best, we actually went out and proved it through unbiased third party testing.

Before you buy:
 Verify that the equipment has the UL 1647 listing.
 Check the maximum user weight limit (ours is 300 pounds)
 Make sure the table you purchase has a 5 year warranty. (Remember that warranties are only as good as the manufacturer that stands behind it. We have been in business for 30 years, and we plan on being there to support you for the next 30.)
 In addition, we have a wonderful customer service team that is here to help with assembly and use questions. 800.847.0143.

This model can’t be found on the Teeter website. What’s up with that?

It’s a model reserved for retail locations not for internet sales.
(You may see a retailer load it on their website to support in store sales.)

My parents and my sister each have one - not this brand particularly, but same idea. It does help. I have a bad back, two surgeries in my lifetime already, and using this does alleviate some pain. However, I get dizzy easily, and I cannot use it as long as they can before getting a little queasy and needing a break. So that should be taken into consideration, too.

All that being said, this is a little on the pricey side for one of these tables, in my opinion. I have seen them for less even on this site, and my sister got hers used for less than $100. I would shoot for paying less that $200 myself, if I were you.

When I first got my table off Woot, the EP560, I took it pretty slow being hooked to the strap and doing about 3 mins twice a day. Not going full inversion for some time didn’t matter as I still improved almost immediately!

My spine straightened out after the first day and I had to put the little pillow up higher.

My breathing improved that first day too *more on that in a bit!

When I got off my bicycle that nagging little pinch I always had was gone and has never come back! Getting in and out of bed is the same with that little pinch…

… about the breathing thing… I asked my pain physician about purchasing an inversion table and she asked me if I liked yoga? I said I had been doing a lot of basic breathing yoga but nothing too intense so she said I would appreciate an inversion table as it was based on yoga.

She told me not to do any of the twisting motions as it would worsen my back condition - so do check with your doc before doing anything too dramatic!

As for time on the table, I lengthened the strap and time learning a few new exercises as I went along. Just balancing in a horizontal position is suppose to be good for you… Max I do is 10 mins in the evening. I was doing this every day for about a month but now I do it about once a week or if I feel a pinch or something.

btw, when I got mine a pair of friends in Seattle got one too (a EP560). They live in a smaller apartment and one has a heart condition and wouldn’t mind selling it - not sure of the details so if ya want to private message me here (if you are in the Seattle area and want details on a used EP560)…

p.s. I really hated putting this thing together! The manual was horrific and seems nothing has changed. They have indexed the bolts, screws, etc with these stupid numbers and my box came with extra bags of bolts and screws and stuff so I was never sure if I had used the proper ones or not… then I discovered the DVD had much better instructions than the manual… also it is incredibly HEAVY, BULKY and difficult to move around. I guess that is what you get for stability!

i had a cheap one for over 15 years. these things are made like tanks. nothing will go wrong. teeter is way overpriced

I have had one of the teeters (almost this exact model) for several years and highly recommend it. The quality of the design, build, and durability of these (especially the high-end models like this one) is unsurpassed. (These are fairly heavy-a good thing. a tip: I installed some adhesive felt protectors on mine that allows me to glide it into position on my hardwood floors) I researched extensively before purchasing, and believe me, the few extra dollars for a table that is practically “medical-grade” is well worth it. Personally, when I am hanging up-side-down, I want something I can trust.

Hello Ken, being that you work for Teeter, can you describe the differences between the EP-960 and the EP-970 since the Teeter website doesn’t list the 970? I’m very curious as to which unit is better. I’m not concerned with the minor price differences, I’m more concerned about what I’m getting) Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays to everyone! Clay

I ordered one of these from WOOT. I have a PO BOX so they said they needed a physical address, so I sent them a physical address AND directions. What’s their excuse??? We’re sold out. I want my TEETER HANG UP!!!

Sorry for the problems. In the email asking for a physical address, there was a time limit to get it to CS. They searched and found no emails in that time frame so the order was canceled as stated in that email. Sorry.

I bought one of these after doing a lot of research. We’ve only had it a few days, but it is truly a QUALITY product. We put it together in about 15 mins with no problems. Began to use it immediately. We are in the 65-70 age range and are using it to help disc compression and posture problems. I do believe it is going to be an award-winner with us.