Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

The ankle lock system is comprised of two steel bars, with large foam cups for the back of the ankles and large foam rollers that support the front of the ankles.

APO is OK!

that sounds very secure

I have a bulging disk in lower back (resulting in sciatica) and my left hip is also out of alignment. Would something like this be beneficial for me?

You could be a great candidate for inversion. Studies have shown that inverted decompression can help to open the spaces between each vertebrae in your spine, taking pressure off the discs and allowing them to rehydrate. Over time, the suction action within the disc may even help the bulged disc repair itself. Not only do the joints in your back open up, but all of your weight-bearing joints, including your hips. Inverted stretching and movement of that joint can help to correct minor misalignments. Keep in mind that everyone is unique and that you should of course consult your physician if you have any questions about what is right for you.

very sorry to hear. i hope your friend has a great support system. freak accidents happen all the time, an artist/friend of mine was injured being adjusted at the chiropractor’s. a very reputable and great chiro. like I said, freak thing.

Thanks so much for the advice!!!

Wow, it arrived in central CA Friday after ordering on Wed. No manual, I’ll look for an online copy, but got it set up just fine.

I received mine today and the 5 year warranty was the selling point that put me over the line on this being a refurb. Why is my warranty card already pre-dated December 10th 2010 in ink…? I will be registering my warranty online so hopefully this is a non-issue.


Immediately upon opening the box I noticed one of the parts floating around in the packaging and noticed it was torn/worn/damaged almost to the point of discarding.



I am also missing parts from the F5-1087 items and and will be calling tomorrow on them. The wrenches that were supposed to be included are also missing but are really a non-issue since I have my own tools. I did however get my manual/instructions/etc. unlike the above poster. I’m curious what others have received.

I also did not receive the tools, missing hardware and broken parts to the point of not being able to use it. I did receive the cd, and warranty card (not filled out), and the Assy Inst, but no manual. I have bought refurbished products from Woot before and have always been VERY happy with my purchases, but this time I am very disappointed in this product. I was really looking forward to using this last night and now it might as well be trashed based on the condition it is in.

Also for the person looking for the manual and instructions, Woot has a link to them on this page here, look at the bottom of the description: http://sport.woot.com/offers/teeter-hang-ups-inversion-table-1

Sorry about the missing hardware and broken parts. We do not have spare parts available, unfortunately. Have you contacted Teeter for any assistance with the issue?

Teeter: 800.847.0143

Please let us know if they are unable to resolve, and we’ll give you some other options.

What is the definition of “refurbished?” Mine was in fully working order, but some parts were definitely worn down to the bare metal.

I would give Teeter a call and see if they can’t replace those parts for you. It’s worth the call (or email).