Teeter Hang Ups Spinal Stretch

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Teeter Hang Ups Spinal Stretch
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Time to check out the product page

I am really tempted by this. Is there anyone at there that owns this?

I’m still giggling like a little girl at the promo pic

Heres an instructional video. Im not entirely sure if its this particular product but at the least it is VERY VERY similar.


It doesn’t look super complex or anything but it does seem like it could give your back a good little stretch.

Glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed.

It brought a certain amount of happiness into my life as well.

I have been dealing with “SERIOUSE” SPINE PAIN" going on 15 years. I have a 9 level spine fusion and 3 spine operations “BEFORE” the fusions. Oh yes and to round it all out, toss in full body Arthritis, fun, fun, fun,

There is not to much I do not know about spines now , the causes of pain and the way to relieve that pain.

To relieve pain takes work and commitment. A restructuring of your diet, some sort of daily exersize, meditation skills practiced all day long. Learned over months of hard work and practice. Far easier to buy gadgets.

You want “TRUE” relief from pain? The kind that makes you smile. Then learn to meditate.

“the perfect stretch to provide relief to lumber aches and pains,”

sand paper might be a cheaper remedy

Is this the guy on the instructional DVD?

I purchased one of these to help with my back pain. I have been to many physical therapy and chiropractic places and they use about their same concept for traction but they are powered machines tho. This does help you just got to remember to use it. Just lay back and start jacking to feel better and get a good stretch. I jack it twice a day every other day and it keeps my back in shape. Seriously I have a bad Back bad discs and scoliosis. It is worth it’s cost.

this looks like an ER visit I wouldn’t be comfortable talking about.

With all due respect to your “seriouse” (sic) back pain… I also have chronic pain, back issues for more than a decade. Decompression does work for some folks, obviously works better for some. I don’t own this product but I do have an inversion table by the same company. Decompression has been used to treat back and neck pain since Hippocrates. For me decompression helps give temporary relief, but nothing long term for me.

I’d be interested in hearing how this product works for folks that own it.

Thanks for the honest feedback. Though, between this picture and your “jacking” … I admit I giggled.

In for one.

In for one. I’ve been getting spinal decompression therapy for some time and have been looking at a way to start maintaining the progress at home and start reducing the visits. With acid reflux and low blood pressure (everything makes me dizzy), I’ve been wary of inversion tables. This is a good price to try this option out.

I had an impacted bowel and let me tell you something…this device proved to be quite the multitasker! Got a new carpet out of the deal too…ahem.

I agree. It is a good thing that he does this in the privacy of his own home. Otherwise he might end up on the state’s sex offender registry list!

If the wife would have understood this philosophy…life with her would have been tolerable.

“Just lay back and start jacking to feel better”
So, do I use this before or after?