Teeter Hang Ups Spinal Stretch

I have one and use it occasionally it gives me a great stretch and is comfortable. My cousin recommended it as it worked wonders for her sciatica. I don’t have lower back issues but was considering an inversion table for prevention and this was a lot cheaper and easier to store.

you my friend just made my day

What does it pull against? Why doesn’t it just drag you across the floor?

I find this very intriguing…so much so that I’m going to buy one. After all, thirty five dollars can’t break the bank. I had considered buying one of those hang up units" in the past but I just don’t like hanging upside down for a half hour at a clip. Doing so simply makes me nauseous.

This sure is cheaper than dolling myself up for another night of whoring at the singles bar. And that stick probably feels better than any man. Just look at the lady in blue smiling in Woot’s photo. Heck, I’m gonna get one for mom too. She can use it as a reward after doing her morning Disrobics. It’s just too bad these aren’t waterproof!

The instructions say that this must be used on a carpet because the carpet provides friction. Your body weight anchors your upper body to the carpet. the waist belt is made of a smooth satin so that your lower body can slide when it’s pulled. The company also offers an optional ribbed chest belt to increase upper body friction even more.

My guess is that you can improve slipperiness by putting wax paper (or gift wrap or even newspaper) or some fenestrated tampons under your hips. And you can increase friction on top by lying on non-slip rubber drawer liners used to protect glassware.

To increase friction on the upper body for anchoring, use rubber drawer liners. They’re only a few dollars a roll and provides a lot of friction. Or use a silicone baking sheet. You can then use this on any surface. If your surface is not slippery enough for your lower body to slide, put your lower body on a Teflon oven liner. All of these can be foud in the kitchen section.

Rubber drawer liners


Silicone baking sheet


Teflon over liner


Guess I’m guilty too! Mmmmm

Does this come with the optional chest belt? “It’s ribbed for your pleasure…” Actually, it’s ribbed to provide extra friction, according to the second video. I ask because the 3rd photo shows the chest belt (looks like a tube top) but the specs don’t list it. Please let me know ASAP.

was considering… but if it needs to be used on carpet, then I’m out. Tile floors here…

edit because I just noticed the suggestion above. Maybe a yoga pad would work also…

No, you don’t need carpeting. A tile floor would be fine if you used the rubber drawer liner or silicone baking mat I suggested above. In fact, tiles would allow your lower body to slide more easily, so that’s good. Also, the video shows a women using this on a bath mat. As long as the mat does not slide on your tile floor, you’re fine.

As for the yoga mat, sounds good. In fact, the promo photo shows a woman on a pink yoga mat on hardwood floors.


This won’t help with lower neck/upper back decompression will it? I’m talking around C7 and T1.

Thanks for the inquiry sdc100, but I don’t think we can gather that info this late in the day/sale.

I can say that if the part/accessory isn’t features in the “In the Box” then it is more than likely not provided with the sale.