Teeter Hang Ups Spinal Stretch

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Teeter Hang Ups Spinal Stretch
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Anywho. My son continues to assure me that when I get a little older and need spinal straightening, he’ll buy a laser level and get me fixed right up.

I got one of these last time it was on WOOT for a friend who had broken her ankle and was unable to use her Teeter inversion system. This got her through her tough times (bad Lumbar disc) and works as shown. I will state that after I got it to her and she looked at the video, she later told me that no where on the packaging or in the video did it state it was a Teeter product. But certainly Woot is clearly marking it as a Teeter product. Any comments about that. It is a brilliant design and DOES work. I am not questioning that. Just curious because they told me I was wrong to be calling it Teeter. Small detail. Bottom Line though? It works!!

Totally looks like a poorly designed sex toy.

How big is the waistband?

Said it went up to a 55" waist in the video, not sure on the small end…I’m fat, so that tidbit wasnt important enough for me to remember :wink:

I saw a guy in Rajneeshpurim India use this with an elephant standing on it to lengthen his dingus. He was a bearded guru holy man.

I thought the same thing…doh!

I use an inversion table a lot at home and would try this if I traveled a lot.

I had spinal decompression therapy over several months for an old injury and have wanted one of these to keep me tuned up and reduce my need for maintenance visits. I have stomach problems that rule out an inversion table (too big anyway). This is the best price I’ve seen, and I missed this before by not checking out my cart in time, so I’m on it today!

I bought this when it was previously on woot.

I don’t think I’d buy it again and here’s why. Yes, it does what it says though if you have any sort of discomfort sitting up (as I did) in a chair you’re definitely going to have more trouble sitting up on the floor while setting this up. Doubly so if you’re a bigger person, as I am.

While it does indeed do what it says, you can get the same effect it offers for free by doing simple stretches. If I could do them with the aftermath of a herniated disc, anyone can. If you have a couch or a kitchen chair, you can give yourself the same relief if you can learn to feel and stretch the right places in your back.

If you have difficulty pinpointing muscles in your body and don’t have difficulty with sitting up, this would probably work better for you.

I was recently recommended traction treatment but I could not afford the $3,000 cost. I will give this a try.

I got this the last time it was on sale.

I can’t speak for smaller individuals, but as a 6’5" 285 lbs man this did absolutely nothing for me. Maybe I’m just way to big for it, but I never felt anything and just gave it away to my sister in law.

Yes, this is just so darn bizarre!!! And about as appealing as an album in the cut-out bin!