Teeter Hang Ups Spinal Stretch

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Teeter Hang Ups Spinal Stretch
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Comments from the sale back in May

I ordered this last time. It looks kind of like a medieval torture device, but I find it pretty helpful. Recommended!

I was really excited to get this because I thought it was just what I need due to low back pain. I’ve had two surgeries in L4-L5 already. The last one being a spinal fusion. To my GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT on the accompanying disc it says that this is not for use for people who have hardware in their back. Hey, WAIT, THAT’s ME!!!
No where in the advertisements did I see that information. The one I purchased last time this came around is now going to be a Christmas present.
The DVD that came with it listed 3 reasons why it shouldn’t be used but please forgive me as I have forgotten the other two. If you think you want this please do the research to see if you are a candidate or not. Like myself.

“Lumber” stretcher?
This is gonna knock the wind right out of Home Depot and Lowes!

This pictures make me uncomfortable…

I’m actually quite comfortable.

Of course, I’m not wearing pants.

Does it come with the “optional” chest belt?

I bought this last time and I’m considering buying 3 today because it’s a GENIUS device.
No there is no inversion therapy, but the whole thing fits in a bag! Really, there’s no comparison.

I am a massage therapist and I do cranial sacral therapy. This a fully clothed technique done face up and the therapist’s hand is under the sacrum providing gentle constant traction… This device does just that… Truly amazing!

Yes it comes with the optional chest belt. It’s optional because you don’t have to wear it, but I do.

If you have been getting shorter in life (and I have) then consider this compact painless drug free non invasive device to help lengthen your spine. I’m impressed with it, obviously.

This looks like a backwards Fleshlight…

I guess this is one way to feel the power between your legs, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

wow, this is what I go to the chiropractor for! and he usually takes 3 or 4 visits to slowly get it up to the setting of the amount of pull (it’s computer controlled) that I feel does a good job. and most chiros charge extra for the SD table cuz it’s not covered. even tho mine doesn’t (just calls it “therapy” and submits to ins co) it’s still 4-5 co-pays of $25.

I’ve had L5/S1 discectomy but not fusion and have several other compressed/bulging disks. Any thoughts on use?

I hooked mine up to a high-speed winch and use it for a ride around the backyard. The kids used to like it until the lawn mower incident.

Hrm… my chiropractor has been having to focus so much on my neck (C1 and C5 keep slipping out of place, and I have no curve to my cervical vertebrae, which means no cushion for the weight of my head), but there are times when my back is what needs the work. If this does what it says it does… might have my better half look into it. Could definitely be worth breaking into the piggy bank for.

I got one last, or maybe last-last time, and it’s very convenient because all you need is a door (or a solid object to screw the eye-hook into).

It’s not as good as an inversion table, but it takes up 1/20th of the space.

It seems to be very well made - the ratcheting mechanism is solid, weighty metal.

The only trouble I have with it is that if you’re not lined up exactly, the strap that ratchets can get folded over, jamming the mechanism and making it difficult to loosen.

So make sure you’re lined up straight and you’ll be good to go.
Also make sure friends and family members aren’t going to come step or sit on you while you’re using it. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess I shouldn’t get it after all then.