Teeter InvertAlign 900 Inversion Table

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Teeter InvertAlign 900 Inversion Table
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$500 is the list price? Who the hell would pay $500 for this is beyond me. $200? Still seems entirely too high, especially for a daily deal website trying to get impulse buyers that can’t pass up a good deal.

You could get “Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table” from amazon for $130.

You could get “Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table with Adjustable Headrest & Protective Cover” for $90

Both of these have really high reviews and plenty of them, where this overpriced piece of metal has almost no reviews worth a damn, and three of them look fake.

Teeter is a As Seen On TV product. They should cost under $200 retail. If you look up the EP-560 table they sell, which is their highest selling product, it went for around $200 back in 2016 multiple times and is now listed at around $350.

It’s worth noting that inversion therapy is not a proven science. It can absolutely relieve pain temporary from compressed disks, but the relief is temporary and it will not actually cause long term relief. Actual therapy is what is needed for real pain relief long term. If you have a neck injury, a lot of inversion therapy will actually make your situation worse. Please please please talk to your physical therapist before using one of these gimmicks.

If you go to a chiropractor, you gotta try this. This thing will snap crackle pop your spine. It set off my sciatica at first, but with continued use, I never felt better. And like the owner of the company says, just 5 minutes a day. Makes my hip pain go away too. Put a little grease on the pivot pins. I bought the extra handles, meh, not highly recommended. This one has a lever for the ankle clamps, good deal.

Very happy with my purchase. helped uncompress my my lower back. no regrets. Very well made and the ankle release helps a lot don’t have to reach over too much to release my ankles.

I started experiencing lower back pain/ sciatica in one leg in Sep2017. Pain progressed and was severely impacting my (office) work. Started seeing doctor and physical therapist, including bi-weekly traction.

Friend loaned me one of these tables, provided immediate temporary relief from pain as I hung, so started doing that several times per day. Seemed to work as well as traction for me.

Later got 3 epidural shots, I haven’t been taking any pain meds for almost 3 weeks (since the 3rd) where before I was popping tylenol and advil like crazy.

The table still helps a couple times a day with minor symptoms and the PT-assigned core exercises are still on-going.

Thank you Dr. stv6669 for your very negative report. A am fairly certain that you have never tried one of these devices. I own one and they work. Certainly one must discuss using an inversion table with their doctor.

I don’t recall the exact formula, but infomercial-based items must have a BIG profit margin to cover the cost of video production, per-order payments to the TV stations, the fullfillment center (phone ops/credit-card processing & shipping, etc.)

The item may have cost as little as $25 per unit in bulk ordering from China to make it profitable to sell.

Dear Dr. onefastbob,

Perhaps you should go back and read his initial post before taking up arms. Most of his critique dealt with this specific unit. The rest of it does, indeed, reflect the opinions of probably as many people as yours.

FYI: placebos have been known to work, as well.

Every negative thing you say about the price may be true, but mine has never fallen, even with extreme bends, like my previous cheap brand did on a simple exercise, injuring me and causing replacement of an early expensive flat tv. This is the only brand, from the inventor, that I trust this 79 yr old body to, and my body is still flexible despite two cancer operations and breathing with one lung.

I purchased this table: table for well under $100 on sale. It was solid, very sturdy, worked well for what it was supposed to do, and has a high review rate on Amazon. Purchase price was LESS than one physical therapy session.

But yea, inversion did not seem to help me with anything.

I believe this one, compared to other cheap ones, controls inversion based on motion of the arm - they are weight balanced so if you raise your arm over your head, it’ll incline and invert. If you put your and toward you thigh, it’ll revert back to upright position. Other cheap ones, you have to pull yourself up, kind a hassle for someone with back pain.

I can confirm this, very sturdy and super well balanced. Only slight movements needed to change body angles.

Just got mine over the weekend and put it together. I am 6’4" 270lbs and it seems very sturdy for me. So far I can tell a difference in my back. Now I need to get a batman costume so I can fully hang in style.