Teeter ThunderBells

what is the difference between the 3?

Is the HOT male model included with any of them???

the 10, 15 and 6 correspond to the weight of the thunderbell included in the kit.

in my humble opinion (53 yo female not superfit nor terribly out of shape)- no reason for anyone to use lighter than 10 lbs. I enjoy mine.

why is the six pound $10 more than the 15 pound? does it come with more stuff?

I was trying to figure that out myself. Various sites online show all three versions going for around 100 each.

I can find absolutely no reviews or testimonials on this thing. I will wait until WOOT cant sell these, and gives them a price drop in the “Sellout” woot page, to give them a try.

yes. more beefcake with all products, please.

Here are some reviews for the workout program, including some who had previously purchased from woot. In general reviews look positive:


from when I got mine - the 10 lb-er


these comments have my sides splitting hahahhaha


that is called marketing

I got the 10-lb version awhile ago on Woot, and I love it. I don’t want a ton of exercise equipment lying around, and the design is great, allowing you to do moves that usually require a lot of different items (dumb-bell, kettlebell, etc.) The grip switches are fluid, and in general the workouts are well-designed, so you’re rotating through muscle groups. It’s also low-impact and so is easy on joints. This not really meant for traditional ‘weight training’, as it is meant to be used in the full-body workout routines, involving stretching, twisting, lunging, etc. to work the core and engage both the arms and legs.

This was the first weighted exercise program I’ve done, and it really hit the sweet spot with me. I’m not athletic or particularly in shape, and the beginning workout with the 10lb thunderbell was just right for me: it defined, strengthened my core, got me going, didn’t overwork me to the point where I was in extreme pain (only minor pain) the next day, yet challenged me to the point where I had to work for a few weeks before I could complete all the reps at certain points. And that’s just the first level of workout.

Overall, great value, A++, would sweat with again.

For those wondering about the weight: in my opinion, unless you are really concerned about the weight for health reasons (you have back or joint problems, etc), I’d go with the 10lb. Even me, starting from zero, could deal with the first workout with the 10lb. A lot of the beginning moves are 2-handed, so we’re talking 5lb each hand. And if the single-handed moves will challenge you, isn’t that the point? If you’ve done weight training before or consider yourself “in shape”, might be better off going with the 15 lb version.

I can attest, though, that none of the hot models are included, unfortunately.

Turns out that was an oversight! They’ve changed the price and we’ll be refunding the peeps who already bought the 6lb set.


I don’t mean to be a fact checking jerk. ThunderBell will sell you one directly from their website for $99.95 (or two payments of 49.95). How can the retail value be $180?

That being said, I still might be in for one. Got to look good for my own wedding.

As a fitness professional This looks to be a hugely overinflated price for a small weight. Everything I saw being done in the intromercial could easily be accomplished with a kettle bell with a large handle by holding the horns instead of the top. That being said the routines looked ok but overpriced imho.

You mean like the halo that was demonstrated in the video that could be done with plates?

The original fitness guru was Jack LaLanne. A remarkable man, decades ahead of his time.

I was wondering the exact same thing!