Tegu Magnetic Blocks

These are very well made toys. The wood looks and feels premium. There aren’t too many different things that one can do with these–Daddy (me) got bored pretty quick–but I must say that my kids (1 and 4) both love them. They get played with all the time, so based on that, I would recommend them.

The original set in Jungle colors, I first thought was Don Quixote tilting at a windmill, but the actual monkey, giraffe, and tree make sense given it’s the jungle – I suppose.

So, did some Wootie interns get the fun job of creating all the little examples, or were they (boringly) provided by the company? Inquiring minds …

I can’t find anything on the writeup about the appropriate age for these?

The vendor was specific in letting us know that these are safe for all ages.

They look very interesting. You said you have a one-year-old and a four-year-old that enjoy them? I have a 21/2 year old grandson that my like them. They are easy for the children to put together?

I got a travel set of these for my six year old daughter, and she LOVES it. Great for driving in the car and making up things. As long as your kid has a good imagination, they will enjoy them. Very well made. Actually quite beautiful.

Yes, my little guy is able to stack them up quite easily. They are a little more easy to stack high because the magnets help to keep them in place. The magnets aren’t SO strong that there isn’t still some fine motor skills required. But they help.

They are definitely safe for all. I have a baby that’s been playing with them for as long as he could sit up. There are no tiny parts or exposed magnets.

Magnets can actually be quite dangerous to children if swallowed, but that is not a risk here.

thank you for the info

thanks for your comment, very helpful thanks!