Tegu Magnetic Blocks

This seems like a really cool idea, but a bit on the expensive side even for the basic sets. Does anyone have a set of these and what do they think?

Agreed. I love these but way too expensive. I keep hoping every time Woot sells these (which is often) the price will have dropped.

I got a set in the pouch on clearance somewhere else once and my toddler loves, loves, loves them. They are our go-to restaurant toy.

I’d really like to get some of these for my daughter, who loves to build, stack, and line up things but agree that they are a bit on the expensive side . . . I’m pretty sure she’d love them but will wait until she can see and play with them a bit in a store somewhere before spending 100 bucks on a 50 piece set.

Please stop making me want to buy things like this. Please.

Buy it. You know you want to.

Some say woot 90 day warranty some say tegu lifetime… which one is it?

bought two large sets plus add-ons last year . no idea books included . My 4&6 yr old grandsons don’t bother with them when they visit. they were intrigued with them and it wore off rather soon ! wish they came with ideas

They’re lifetime. We’ll get the sales fixed momentarily.

I bought a small set a year or so ago on Woot. I have it on my desk and people love messing with it. So, for what it’s worth, the smaller sets make good desk toys.

RE: 40 Piece Tegu Explorer Magnetic Wooden Block Set- P-11-026-SJG

What are the exact sizes? Too often things are a lot smaller than they look in pictures.

Hi there.

If you look through these images on Google, there’s some with people in them to give you a size perspective.