Tegu Magnetic Blocks

These look like cool toys but I’m not so sure about the price. And magnets seem like cheating.

A hammer is cheating.

Bought the Asterisk desk toy on Woot before and it looks great on my desk. I would have picked the black and green option if it was available but the natural color turned out to be nice as well.

I bought the pocket pack in “tints” last time and my 3 year old loves them. She can stick them to the fridge and build little structures off of it. Great to take with us as well to keep her occupied when we’re at a restaurant or in the car, etc - magnets keep the “towers” from crashing down and making a mess all over wherever we are.

i got a whole mess of these last time woot offered them and i love them all.

protip: buy that magnetic shelving unit and get ready to have. your. mind. blown.

Just don’t let the CPSC find out that someone ate one…

The little kits are pretty much useless. The felt packaging does not match the pictures ( all light gray ). The only practical purchase here are the larger kits because the directional magnets make building things limited with fewer pieces.

Got some from friends (pocket pouch) for our 1 year old’s birthday. He loves them. In for the Endeavor Set for Xmas.

Okay how long until some stupid kid swallows one and they get banned like buckyballs?

Does anyone know how big the blocks are?

My kids had Polly Pockets, but those magnets were teeny tiny and fell out often. The other building set we had also had small magnets that could fall out, so really, they aren’t safe for children because little children try to eat everything.

Does anyone know how these are made? Are the magnets just glued into the bottom?

Click on the Specs tab for sizes.

Or, follow the link to the company site and check the FAQs. All answers are there, grasshopper.


These are beautiful. Smooth, nicely weighted, and lovely colors. I saw – and played with – a huge set of them in Gallery-1, the new interactive art gallery at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

But their building potential is actually pretty limited. Mostly kids just tried to stick together as many of one shape as they could lay hands on – building interesting structures was tricky.

All that’s stopping me is the cost. I’d buy them at half the price. I won’t say they’re not worth it – they really are beautifully crafted and nice to hold and touch. But too much for my budget. If your boss just had a new baby and you want to seem like you splurged, these would be perfect.

A nearby hamburger joint has metal walls, and loans a set to families-with-kids - the kids busy themselves with making things on the walls. GREAT way to spend time.

But even the small sets have been assembled into things, so I wouldn’t discount them. Yes, it’s tricky, but then I don’t think Magnet-Fu was meant to be easy…

Swallowing ONE of these (or Buckyballs) won’t do anything. Period!

Now, swallowing 2 of them, not at the same time, will cause some SERIOUS intestinal damage.

(These are probably too big to swallow, anyway.)


I can see the block sizes on Woot, but I can’t see how the magnet is put inside it.

However, I just googled the company name. (Can’t see the link you referred me to for FAQ.) For those wondering about the magnets and children swallowing them, here is what the company says:

Q: I can’t see the magnets on the wooden blocks. Where are they?

A: The magnets are hidden inside the wooden toys and are therefore not visible or accessible. This is thanks to the thoughtful toy design and quality toy manufacturing behind the Tegu concept. Safety, quality, and durability are of the utmost importance to Tegu. Our toys boast a patent-pending solid hardwood construction which keeps the magnets inside. We are a premium product, and, deeply knowing our own supply chain and owning our manufacturing plant, we control the process from start to finish (a true rarity in toys). We are also required to work with toy testing agencies who have verified our compliance with the applicable federal regulations, and you can view our CPSIA General Conformity Certificates below.

Also, while I agree the price is high for blocks, this Woot is the best price I’ve seen on them.

Well that is definitely true. This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen. They’re lovely. I’m just jealous!

Maybe I can take up a collection . . .

I like your dress.

Thank you. It’s my Thanksgiving attire.