Teira Wines Dry Creek Valley Merlot (4)

Teira Wines Dry Creek Valley Merlot 4-Pack
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2014 Teira Merlot, Woods Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley

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had this tonight. Notes coming in the AM

Curious what you think. Haven’t had this but have had other Teira wines, been awhile though, that I thought were pretty solid and good value.

Wow, you and Kyle have been getting a ton of rat bottles!


Teira 2014 merlot DCV Woods vineyard
I enjoyed this last night with dinner and after.
Color is a medium Ruby, lighter side of merlot if you ask me. Clear and free of sediment.
The nose is moderate with plenty of red (generic) fruit, a bit of plum, vanilla (oak) and a hint of alcohol which I only got after digging my nose really far into the glass.
The wine is dry, medium bodied has a nice acidic bite with low but drying tannins. I found it to be quite expressive if a tad generic.
Specific notes while sipping. Cranberry and plum and a bit of vanilla and wood.

Overall. Its a good varietal wine at this WW price point. Its a bit generic but very drinkable. Some may find it a bit light for their tastes I felt it was better with a meal than on its own especially with the nice acid backbone and moderate use of oak it felt a bit boring while just sipping. This is one of those cases where everything you put down for notes sounds good but the wine seems to not equal the sum of its parts.

It doesn’t matter which one of us they ship to since we live less than a mile apart its easy drop half a bottle by.


I had a small sample of this last night and another just now with my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cereal.

In important caveat here: I do not like merlot. There is none in my cellar, I do not purchase it or drink it.

That being said, this wine has a pretty, soft nose of red fruits and just a hint of floral and pickle juice. On the palate, cherry juice, oak. Light-med. bodied. Just a hint of tannins along the sides of my palate. Not much acid. Perfectly fine wine, pretty generic.

At $15/bottle, I don’t see the value here. But, I don’t like merlot so if it’s your thing, this is a nice rendition of it and it’s probably priced fairly.

Didn’t happen to try any of their SB or zin did you? The zin I recall being the best of the bunch, but retail at the time was around $10?? not $20.

So you’re saying you drive around with open containers a lot?

The label looked familiar so I might have tried their zin at some point in my life. I don’t remember anything about it if I have. Def. not the SB.

Yes, and I put it in the hat with the cup holders and straws.

The trunk is a good place for a 1/2 bottle of wine.

“If the open container of alcohol was in the trunk of the car, you are not in violation of California’s Open Container Laws. If your vehicle does not have a trunk, such as a pickup, you are allowed to have an open container in a space that is not typically occupied by people, such as the bed of the truck.Sep 10, 2013”

How did it pair with Reese’s Peanut Cereal?

Surprisingly well. Honestly, I usually like wine/cereal pairings. I eat a lot of cereal and drink wine on rare occasion.

Hey, winery rep here…I can’t say I have ever had wine with cereal, but I suppose we will have to give it a try! Our Sauv blanc would pair amazingly well with Froot Loops…

Thanks for giving the Merlot a try, even if it is not your favorite! I personally prefer other reds as well, but I can get down with this merlot…

Thanks for the notes!

Our 2014 single vineyard Merlot is rather young, as it is a new release, and needs some time to mature! I hope you will give it another try sometime :slight_smile: