TeknoCreations Charging Station for Wii w/ LiPo Batteries

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TeknoCreations Charging Station for Wii w/ LiPo Batteries
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I prefer our energizer flat induction charger. It charges all 4 with no problem.

Not a deal, big lots sells for 10…

cheaper at monoprice

Walmart same price, only energizer batteries.

I bought some of these before from a store. The only problem is when the rechargable batteries wore out there was no replacement so we had to buy another charger + battery combo. Ended up going back to regular batteries rather than throw away chargers too.

I have a charger VERY similar to this one but mine holds the actual controllers.

oh well i will wait for the next woot, i’ve been away for awhile, whats all this about charlie sheen?

Is this compatible with my Mac?

This is an excellent deal. These work great, and the rechargeable batteries alone are worth it!

Aw bummer. I’m in for 1 though. Wanted to help move this thing along.

and you can return them

I got bored of the wii a long time ago, but these are excellent if you have kids that like to play video games a lot. I would say buy two so they can swap out the batteries when they go dead instead of waiting for them to charge again.

I got an Intec one off eBay a while back for $5. Best investment ever. No more batteries to waste!

Come on Woot!

all that refresh button clicking for this :(?

I got one of these on Woot a while back, it seems to work really well at inductively charging and holding that charge. Only drawback I’ve found is that the charging light is on the battery and doesn’t shine through if you have an opaque jacket on your Wiimote.

Is that it? No more woots?