TeknoCreations InCharge for Wii Extra Battery

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TeknoCreations InCharge for Wii Extra Battery
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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More Wii crap.


Ouch, no chargers and 99 cents with 5 dollar shipping :\

Might go in for 3 and take one for the team. Depends how much the charging station is.

Yeah! Nobody plays the Wii anymore! Maybe the Wii 2 will be better.

You forgot to tell us that you aren’t giving us your wii, or something like that…

Gotta feeling i’ll be getting one of these in my bag o’poop.

something to put on those corner shelves

Good write up, kudo’s Woot - but its still not a fucking monkey.

Are we having fun yet???

Anyone buy these before? Do they work? $8 to save batteries is a deal…not to mention reducing my environmental footprint…lol

All I need are some Bucky Balls! All I nee heed. All I need are some bucky balls!!! All I need…

I haven’t played the Wii in awhile, but I should. I have the Wii fit. Don’t need these though.

Will these work with other knock-off chargers or d I need theirs?

come on take one for the team guys

Walmart has the bases for $35.

Amazon has 1 seller with them new.

Lights still aren’t flashing yet.

37.70 not including shipping costs if there are any.