TeknoCreations InCharge for Wii Extra Battery

Good Night

Next up, charging station with the battery packs removed for some reason…

I have an INTEC Charger with batteries that look like this. Will it work with these?

Mine are. Close out and reopen your web browser. If that doesn’t work, clear your cache and close out your browser, then open it again.

Don’t be a Wiicist!!



There’s no Wii in the picture, they don’t need the disclaimer.

CTRL + F5 will start them up again.

I’m guessing the next deal will be the full charging station. (From the description: “…When you do, you’ll unlock the next item.”)

Maybe it’s a clue…

Did I miss a roomba today? I really want one but can’t stay up forever waiting. I’m tired.

Not yet…check the blog.

That’s not a wii? Who knew.