Tekton Air Hose Reels

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I happen to be in the market for a hose reel and this one seems to be a good buy. You may be able to buy something similar and save a few bucks but the hose that comes with this one is far superior and much more costly than the one at HF. This hose will last a lifetime.

Not exactly a steal…check out ebay.
Could be less expensive…no tax.

Is it just me, or does it kind of look like it’s flicking you off in the picture?

It is just you. Spend less time on the “how does that make you feel” couch.

These are junk. I wouldnt take one for free. I use hose reels a lot it wasnt long before it started to swell and leak right at the fitting. Get a Flexzilla or a goodyear.

I just looked… I do not see any of these units for close to this price. You may be comparing 25ft units? the 50ft are all well over $100.

This looks like a good price for something that isnt the cheapest brand on the market. Deals on quality gear are great.

Unfortunately for me, I just bought a loose hose, needed the portability anyway.

The last time I spent $100 on hos, I had to take penicillin for 2 weeks.

I own a HF 50 ft reel. While i was setting up my shop, the hose stayed in a storage building(completely out of the sun) for 4 months and it dried out and crumbled into pieces. I was never able to hook it up. I replaced the hose with an name brand rubber one and the mechanism works fine. Keep that in mind when you go with HF hose reel. you will need to buy a spare hose that is not made by HF. I buy plenty of HF stuff not saying all is bad but their hoses suck. Plus this isn’t much more then the HF one anyways.

Please insure to include this

I bought the HF 50’ for $49. Have had it for 3 years in my garage. Use it every weekend. It has no leaks, and never swells. It is not in direct sunlight but none would last if they were in direct sun here in Texas.

Best post on Woot-azon in months!

You’re having better luck with HF hoses than I. They usually start cracking after about 6 months for me. Maybe they’re not very cold-tolerant.

Hey there, buyer wanted to help clarify- these are technically Goodyear:

You could buy the HF hose reel and their premium 50ft x 1/2" hose (Goodyear) for $123 (leaving you with a leftover crap hose).
With shipping it’s $120 here. So you save $3. However, if you use a HF coupon, they could be cheaper.

Thanks for doing the math for all of us!

Hahhahhahahahhahhaha. Good one.