TEKTON Click Torque Wrenches

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TEKTON Click Torque Wrenches
Price: $29.99 - 41.99
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Time to check out the whole line of Click Torque wrenches


Ow! That’s not it, bring me the Hydrospanner.

If you’ve ever worked on a large engine, some of the bolts require torque in the area of up to 200 ft pounds or more. My torque wrenches have a scale on the wrench and requires that you look directly over the scale mechanism while pulling on the wrench to insure that you have applied the necessary torque. This is a pain in the butt!

The click sound makes the operation much easier. I would go for the 24340, which is the 1/2" drive allowing up to 250 foot pounds of torque.

Uhhh, which of these am I supposed to get if I just want something to make sure my tires are on right?

Most tires (wheels) are attached with lug nuts at about 100 ft-lbs.

Your owner’s manual will likely have the correct answer.

So the 24340 is the correct range. Being physically longer, it will be easier to use than the 24335.

You’ll want to learn to put the lugs on in an alternating pattern. And check the lugs after 3 and 50 miles, repeating the checks as needed until they stay tight.

Your car’s manual has the answer. Just look it up. My guess is that you will need the 24340.

Not the kind used by CalTech high energy physicists and NASA engineers and calibrated by top members of the state and federal Departments of Weights and Measures, to be dead-on balls accurate.

But plenty good for putting tires on your car or tightening a bolt on the engine. If I need NIST accuracy, I’ll borrow one from work.

Yeah! Rumor has it a rocket engineer tightened a bolt on the Antares rocket using one of these exact wrenches. And we all saw what happened yesterday. I’m going to have to pass on this deal too…

About $5 less than on Amazon with Prime. Not enough for an impulse trigger pull… :slight_smile:

i have a large/longer torque wrench for my wheels (100 ft lbs on my trailblazer) & i think i have a smaller one for tight spaces…i’ll have to double check when i get home.

prices don’t seem that great anyway.

Anyone know the warranty length for these and if it is woot or manufacturer?

I am seeing a $10 difference an amazon… What one did you look up?

I work with a lot of lightweight, low torque fasteners (3-8 Newton-meters), The TEKTON 24320 is less than half what a Park TW-5 costs (I have a TW-2).

The price is worth piece of mind

Can anyone confirm if these tighten/click both directions or only one? The reviews on Amazon say they only tighten one way but the pictures show the little switch to change directions.

These torque wrenches are very similar in appearance to the Craftsman clicker torque wrench, which I know is made in China. So I wonder if a MOD WILL TELL US WHERE THESE WRENCHES ARE MANUFACTURED?

Warranty: Lifetime TEKTON