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The torque wrenches look like they’re pretty good for a hobbying. The Amazon reviews are mostly positive and the customer service responses are great.


I’m new to the world of torque wrenches. Can someone tell me the difference between the two 3/8" torque wrenches offered here? The only thing I see is that one comes with a snappy red case.

There appears to be no significant difference aside from the case and a 1/2" adapter, which I think is worth the $2 difference. You always want to keep precision tools like a torque wrench in a case. Also, remember to return the setting to 0 before you put it away.

country of origin?

I agree regarding the case but I believe you want to leave a little tension on it (don’t return right to zero).

I may be wrong but my CDI 1/2" wrench was shipped to me at 50 ft-lbs on the dial (also the lowest “accurate” setting for that wrench, anything lower than that and the error % increases significantly)

A quick search turned up this info:

Can you please post a link to the item you’re asking about?

From the reviews I read on Amazon, the 2455 seems to do the job for the shadetree mechanic…

But with the “mother ship” (Amazon) only charging $2.14 more for it, it’s not something I “gotta have right this minute”…especially when, if I toss something else in the basket, shipping is free…

The TEKTON tools are cheaper on Amazon if you are a prime member.

Don’t buy any of these! Cheap tools are worse than worthless. They actually cause misery and suffering. Picture yourself using this POS for the next forty years. If you need a tool right now, borrow it from your bro, and save up your money to buy one good tool.

Do you have actual experience with TekTron, or are you just spouting off about a chinese manufactured tool that you actually know nothing about? Just wondering, because while the Amazon reviews aren’t exactly glowing, they aren’t exactly bad either, for the few that I have looked at.

Just curious what makes it a “sport” utility knife.
And should we refer to it as an SUK?

70-piece screwdriver set…

4 pieces you will use, and 66 pieces just taking up room in a tool box.