Tekton Tools

I got the 3 piece Tekton set a while ago, and liked it. Getting 2 of the 2 piece (27 LED and utility knife plus a keychain LED) set today. I don’t need a second multi-tool, or I would have gotten it.

So far, NO issues with the other stuff.


Had this in my shopping cart and thought I’d check Amazon first. The following 1 star review scared me away from buying this, so I thought I’d share it.

Keep in mind: There is only 1 review on Amazon, which means this one is by no means definitive. However, a smart buyer is a happy buyer

I purchased $95.00 worth of Tekton Tools about two weeks ago on Woot. I received them and they appear to be well constructed. I am satisfied with my purchase, as the price was good.

I was disappointed to find out that all the tools were all made in China. If you are looking for tools made in the USA, don’t be fooled by the warranty offered by Michigan Tools Industry, which is in Grand Rapid MI. Tekton is not manufactured in the USA.

Thanks, that’s a deal breaker…