Tekton Tools

I’m really disappointed that the limit on the clamps is three. Suddenly it’s just an okay deal.

I never thought I’d see this kind of crap on woot

The screwdriver bits are garbage. I bought the 52-piece set previously. Many bits were improperly machined, with obviously zero quality assurance. I have several Phillips bits that are off-center (1 point missing, edge of opposite point protrudes more than actual center) and Torx bits that are just round. I’ve used cheap tools before (for work, where they often disappear) but these are useless.

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is it just me or does that picture look like a monkey with a huge wang?

It’s not just you. I noticed it too. I guess we’re perves

Might want to go see a doctor… wangs aren’t supposed to look like that.

… it’s a cartoon monkey.

these sets are a couple pennies to a couple dollars cheaper on amazon if you have prime. save yourself the headache and buy there for when you need to return because of the quality.

What are the “six in one” bits for the screwdriver? It comes with a two way slotted bit, a two way Phillips bit, and the driver fits a hex bolt as well - that’s five.

What am I missing?

These tools are re-branded Harbor Freight items. Likely cheaper to buy them there (The work light and tape measure are often freebies), plus you can check out the quality in person.