Telesteps 12.5 ft. Telescopic Extension Ladder

Yikes! That Acer monitor sure went away fast.

Meh, do wooters really climb?

Too bad I weigh 251 pounds.

oh man, i can just imagine the horrific accidents this guy would deliver to clumsy wooters…

Holds up to 250 pounds

Hm, cant use, I 400 lbs brotha

Prevent this type of failure with the purchase of this woot.

Make me

Shipping is a little bit more expensive…and…um…oh sh*t!

is it easy to use drunk?

in Soviet Russia, woot buys you.

That’s not a ladder.

buy 2

Buy 2! ! !

250lbs? must not be made for fat american asses.

thank woot there were only 20


sold out :frowning:

you buy

At this place it is $239

from, 8gb flashdrive, to 22" monitor, now a ladder, GOtta love woot… this is where i go to bed… woot off, woot not