Television Question


You all seem to know the in’s and out’s of the internet pretty well. I was curious if any of you know a good place on the internet to get a good deal on a 42" plasma or LCD television (if they exist that large)?


Ever triedFry’s?


I have not, but it’s definetly worth a shot. I have a 32" Westinghouse LCD that i bought two years ago, but I would like a better one at a decent to cheap price, so i’m open to all ideas of browsing.


They show up in wootoffs occasionally. Speaking of which, we’re due any day now for one…

But I have no clue on the internet besides the aforementioned Fry’s. I bought my Philips 42" plasma at Sam’s Club, but that’s a big box store.


Some people have nice things to say about buying TVs at Costco.


Why do you all want a woot off?!?!?!?

Costco does have online ordering if you are a member.
They did change the return policy of stuff like TV’s to 90 days.


Ms. Name,
Because it is too difficult to find pr0n elsewhere on the interwebs.