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“120Hz Effective Refresh Rate presents action packed sports and movies with a smoothness and stability that captures every image in astonishing detail”

I really get tired of all the non-concrete language used in the area of refresh rates for HDTV’s. This is for the vizio 47" that is listed for $399. Does the “Effective Refresh Rate” (capitalization suggests its pr talk) mean it’s not ACTUALLY 120hz, just pretends to be? The main reason I haven’t bought a TV despite shopping for one for over a year is because I can never get firm answers on this. I’m one of the freaks who likes the “soap opera effect” so I need a real 120hz+ refresh rate. Any help?

I found this CNet article quite helpful.

Yes it is. But I’ve read it before. It, however, doesn’t answer the question of whether the TV I referenced has an ‘actual’ refresh rate of 120HZ or if the “Effective Refresh Rate” is one of those marketing jargons. Guess I’ll have to keep shopping.

If it says Effective Refresh Rate it is 60Hz upscaled to 120Hz refresh. Hope that helps.

That does answer my question. Thanks!

You’re not alone friend. I like the “soap opera” effect as well. I just bought the 50" Vizio over the weekend. It does not have the effect, but is a solid television with a good picture and reasonable price.

Would you be able to wirelessly connect this TV to Skype or and other video conference call? Would it need to be wired as if it is a monitor? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Is the only difference between the

VIZIO E470i-A0 47" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi

and the

VIZIO M471i-A2 47” 1080p 120Hz SPS Razor LED Smart TV with Apps & Wi-Fi

that the “Razor” is thinner?

Regardless of whether it’s real or effective 120Hz, it’s still going to be upscaled to 120 without a 120 source. Which you most likely won’t be throwing at it. Thus you still have your soap opera effect.

VIZIO E241i-A1 24" 1080p LED Smart TV with Apps & Wi-Fi

This is a 2013 model.
I purchased one from walmart for $188 to use primarily as a pc monitor. The smart TV function is a bonus. It’s so light weight, I can take it out to my screened porch when I want to watch TV out there. I liked that it’s less than 2" thick, and has the function buttons on the side. What I really did not like is the tilt stand, so I returned it for the 2014 model I found new on Amazon for $180. The new model has a regular stand but only a power button on the side. It’s also about 1/2" thicker for some reason, but weighs a tad less than the 2013 and has a thinner frame. Those are the only differences between the two that I could see.

I wanted a big monitor for work, which primarily consists of databases and spreadsheets, so it’s perfect for that.

For TV viewing the picture quality is not the best I’ve seen, but it’s ok for my purposes.

Smart TV’s have really come down in price, so I think it’s worth the extra $20 to buy this one new.

!!IMPORTANT: This modes says it has Amazon Instant Video, but it does not actually work. According to the website they are working on fixing this.

Got mine today. It has a dim pixel smack in the center of the screen. Sadface all over the place to that. Otherwise, this tv is pretty good for the price. Going to contact woot to see what they say.

When did you purchase, what model, and who did they use for delivery? Reason Im asking is I sprung for the 55" Samsung, after not hearing anything for 5-6 days (no status change or tracking info) Woot sent me a bogus FedEx tracking number. Not felling too good about this transaction.

For some reason, our tracking email just doesn’t understand other URLs.

Plug your tracking number into this freight delivery site:

Sorry for the worry.

Thank you very, very much.

TV got here today, Im more than impressed.

Did anyone else order the 55" Samsung (UN55F6350)? The onscreen setup instructions say to attach your IR Extender Cable, but it doesn’t appear that one came with the TV. Should one have?

Did anyone else get the vizio e500i-A1? Apparently it’s supposed to have optical, but mine did not come with it. I didn’t think to check until I started hooking up a sound system.