Tell me your moving and/or reno stories PLEASE

Hi all,
Many of you know that I bought my 1st house a couple of months ago and I am feeling OVERWHELMED today. I could really use some stories to uplift me or of understanding. Anything goes…

It is hot and humid, I still haven’t finished moving out of my old house, my new flooring has been pushed back from the end of this month until (at least) the middle of September (I ordered beginning of June), every plan I had has gone out the window, I have boxes everywhere, and it is hot and humid if I forgot to mention that…
Thanks all
BTW I am hot and :tired_face:


Many years ago I got one of those job-change/short-notice/corporate moves where some huge van and several muscular guys show up and pack everything (including the cat if you aren’t careful). Load in big truck and truck goes down the road. You drive to new state and stay in temporary quarters for a couple weeks until the big truck is due. Meanwhile frantically house hunting after hours until you nail something and big truck has a destination. Different set of muscular guys carry all boxes into new place. If you are really smart you labeled with destination room. If you are really lucky the movers put the boxes in rooms as labeled.

Anyway, before the big truck arrived, my empty new house had been essentially clean and such things as plumbing worked. Now there were walls of boxes in every room and furniture more or less in right rooms. New job where I was working long hours to learn and get started. New people to get to know.

I did the only reasonable thing I could think of - throw a party. Get to know new people. They’d all had corporate moves, so did understand my current state. I bought a ton of easy food and adult beverages. We sat on unpacked moving boxes and joked and laughed at my current miserable state. It helped.

So - first - cut yourself some slack! Reward yourself for small progress like unpacking one box! Count your blessings - you have a house, you presumably have a job, you are smart enough to know you need to plan, you are smart enough to know you need help/sympathy from friends! Today’s new plan might include a little progress, but also should have a large dose of care for you. I don’t know you, but my normal plan for women friends with problems is bubble bath, chocolate, trashy reading, adult beverage of choice. You’ll have to substitute things that work for you. Massage, run, … whatever works. And don’t forget to whisper to yourself that your current situation is pretty much all 1st world problems.


@romellex omg, tears, so, so many tears! Thank you - what an incredible response and one I 100% needed.


In 1970 a woman I know was in that position - new house, new town, house full of unpacked boxes - because her husband had been transferred. Worse, he had to go to work immediately, leaving her in that house full of unpacked boxes. And 10 children. And she didn’t have a car, because her husband had to take their only car to work. And there was no food in the house. Fortunately her oldest daughter’s boyfriend (who lived 100 miles away) showed up unexpectedly, the letter he sent to say he was coming didn’t arrive until a day after he did. He (okay, I) set about unpacking boxes, setting up beds and other furniture, and then went out and bought food for dinner. I’ve been her son-in-law for 49 years, and while she has learned that I can’t really walk on water, we have a much better relationship than most men have with their mother-in-law. How does this relate to your situation? Maybe not at all, I just like to tell the story. Maybe it’s a way of saying “this, too, shall pass”. Hang in there, it will get better.


15 years ago we moved in the winter. The final day to get out of our apartment we had a snowstorm that unexpectedly dropped 2 feet of snow along with high winds.

  • it was also the truck rental day. The next day was back to sunny (of course). Our friends still bring it up!

9 schools by the time I was a freshman; military life means movement. Family stayed put for high school years. I am forever grateful.

By the time I was 20, I owned my own house. A cheap apartment doesn’t fill a house. Fast forward a few decades, I am still here with a full heart.

May you have a lifetime of joy and wonders in your new home. :green_heart:


@Dsorgnzd how incredibly sweet! I love the part about the letter not arriving until the next day - how vintage :wink:. I was a military wife during Desert Storm (early 90’s) and mail would take weeks to get to one another, but still there is nothing like receiving a handwritten letter in the mail - something very near and dear to my heart.


@Queen89 what a beautiful note - thank you


@jksquared you got snowstorm, I got freak heat and humidity at the beginning of June in the Midwest - I was so, so unprepared my brain was melting. I literally could not answer simple questions and my bedside manner was less than desirable.


Thank you, everyone - you all have lifted me up and gave me some much needed revitalization. I truly appreciate it and am eternally grateful.

Wooters have made me laugh and cry over this past year! I am really glad I found ya’ll.


I have a few moving stories.

The 1st involved me being a young college graduation moving across the country for my 1st grownup job. I loaded up everything I owned into my car and left early one morning. Excited for my new journey I wanted to get an early start on my 22 hr drive. I had a friend that lived about half way in between, so my plan was to drive there the 1st day, spend the night there and then drive the rest of the way the next day. Two long days but very manageable. I got out early the first day and about 6 hrs into the drive my car stalled out on the interstate. I was able to coast to the side of the road safely. Luckily, and unluckily I was in middle of nowhere, so there was no traffic but that also meant I was a long way from help. I got to the side of the road and pondered my options. On a whim, I tried to start my car again. What could it hurt? There weren’t any weird smells or smoke coming from the car. Much to amazement it started. I was about 50 miles from the nearest town so I kept going hoping my car would stay running. If anything, I figured if I got closer to a town I’d save some money on a tow if my car stalled out again. I kept driving and was amazed I made it to the next town. Being in an unknown area I stopped at the local car dealership, hoping they’d be the most least likely to screw me over and also most likely to trouble shoot my problem and get me back on the road. I was only a 1/4 the way through my journey and didn’t need my car to stall out again in an even more remote area. The dealership was able to deduce that my fuel pump was failing. They replaced it that day. It took most of the day but I was able to get back on the road and drive a few more hours. The next day I made it to my friends house. My timeline was pushed back some but I still had time to make it to my new job. I planned to spend the night with my friends and get back on the road the next morning. They rented the guest house on a ranch. It was a nice place, but the owner was a bit paranoid. They had a gate, at the entrance of the property that was always shut and locked. After spending the night the next morning we got up. My friends left and I jumped into the shower planning to be out the door no more than 20 min after them. They were going to leave the gate unlocked, with the understanding that I’d lock it on the way out. No problem, but as I proceeded to leave the gate was locked. I thought, no way could this be happening. The owner, in between the time they left and I was going to leave took off and locked the gate in between us. I was trapped. There was no way out. I called my friends who were already at work. They wouldn’t be able to come free me until lunchtime. I was stuck until then. I could only wait. In the meantime my future boss called to check in on my travels. I explained to him what had happened. It’s a story that is almost unbelievable, and I’m not sure he believed it. I’m not sure I would have believed it either if I hadn’t loved it. Eventually, I was freed and was able to make the rest of my journey safely.

A later move, back across the country involved and move similar to what @romellex had. It was a great deal. The company hires movers who do everything from packing, loading, shipping, storage, and unloading. The day they were set to load, the movers were supposed to arrive at 8 am. At around 9 no one had arrived. I called the moving company and didn’t get through so I left a message. By 11, still no one had arrived and I hadn’t heard a word from anyone. Right about that time the 3rd party who oversees everything called to find out how the loading was going. I said it’s not. She said what, not thinking I was serious. So I explained to her that no one showed up. The only thing she said is I’ll call you back in 20 minutes and hung up. I could tell just in the tone of her voice she was displeased. She did call me back in 20 minutes and said the moving truck would be there within the hour. The truck showed up and there were no apologies or explanations as to why they were late but the one mover said me, I don’t know who you know but we were on the way to another job and got turned around to load you. He explained that never happens. They rest of the trip was uneventful but I wish that was the end of the story. I already had a place lined up at the new location. My stuff just needed to arrive and it was supposed to be coming right behind me. I got to town and got a message that my stuff was going to be delayed at least 2 weeks. Ok, not a big deal. I had a week or so worth of clothes with me and the company said they’d put me in a hotel until my stuff arrived. The end of the 2 weeks was coming up and I hadn’t received an update from the moving company. I called to see if I could get any type of estimate from them for when my stuff would come. They said they didn’t know and couldn’t give me a date until my stuff was in transit, and they didn’t know yet when it was going to be picked up. I ended up living in a motel for nearly a month and a half before my stuff arrived.

The latest move was similar to the 2nd move. It was back across the county and it was all paid for. They did everything. The packing and loading went seamlessly. They did great. The place I was moving to is expensive and housing is very difficult to find so my stuff was put into storage while I found a place to live. About 3 months after I arrived in town I found a place to live and was ready to move in. I had it lined up so my stuff would arrive the day after I took possession of my new place. The movers arrived on time and started unloading. It was going good but as they got to the back of the truck I noticed there was still a lot of stuff missing. If you’re unfamiliar with professional movers, every box and piece of furniture is number and documented. As it’s unloaded you check the numbers off to make sure everything arrives. At this point, the truck was almost empty but there was a lot of boxes that weren’t checked off as received. The movers finished unloading everything and and started double checking all the boxes. I called the moving company who assured me they got everything. They didn’t. Nearly a quarter of my stuff was missing. I kept in contact with the moving company. When they put my stuff in storage they pack it into storage crates in a large warehouse. They believe when they went to take my stuff out of storage and load it back into the truck, they missed a crate. The problem was, is they didn’t know where in the warehouse the missing crate was. It took them about 3-4 weeks to find and deliver it. That wouldn’t have been an issue but all the parts I need to put all my furniture and beds back together were in that crate. We had to live on air mattress for a few weeks with unassembled furniture everywhere.

The point of all these stories is moving sucks! but don’t let it get you down. Things happen, but when you move it’s typically for a good reason or to better yourself. And my only advice is to always be ready for anything when you move. Take anything you need to live on for a short time in case something happens.

I went on a lot longer than I planned but these are just a few stories. Don’t let these stories get you down. There were a bunch of moves in between these that all went smoothly. So they aren’t all bad, but things do happen. Just adapt and overcome the issues as they come and you’ll be fine.


Two of my favorite moving disaster stories happened to co-workers. A short pressure cooker trip to find & buy their new houses several states away. They each picked houses to be built. Then back to old place to work for a while, close old house, and pack out.

But when they arrived at new location to see their new houses, one family discovered their house had been built on a lot adjacent to the lot they thought they had picked :scream:. The other family’s house had been built on the correct lot, but was a mirror image of the plan they thought they had selected :scream:.

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Keep 'em coming - loving these!