Tell Mortimer to stop sending emails early

Love how I receive emails on different items on Woot! and when I click on the link I go to a 404 error page.

But if I come back later (hours later) the link works. So it seems whoever is sending the emails is jumping the gun because the website team hasn’t posted the corresponding page yet.

The last two emails have been like this

Here is the latest one: Camping Gear, Military and Tactical Boots, Pajamas, Tees…Plus MORE!

Which goes here:

It is almost like Woot! does not want me to click on links or something.

Hi there! If you’re talking about the Camping email. looks like we goofed yet again. We’re working on getting things going.

We’ll be looking for someone to shake our finger at.

Don’t send them too late either. Make sure I get the email EXACTLY when the event goes live so that I have the best chance at buying the deals before anyone else sees/buys them.

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It appears they are live now.