Tell Us What You're Streamin'

Last few months I’ve been on shows from other countries. I’ve also come to realize that there are a handful of voice actors that do voice overs for many shows.

The Barrier (Spain) - I really enjoyed it. It came out January 2020 but is eerily relevant to 2020. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it is basically about a virus comes and wreaks havoc and so the govt puts up a barrier to separate the haves from the have nots.

Minions of Midas (Spain)
3% (Brazil) has multiple seasons
Better than us (Russia)

The Legend of Cid (Spain) - story about the Spanish hero named Cid. The first episode is a bit all over the place but then it gets pretty good.

I also tend to watch most things with captions on, English or not. It became a habit when I wasn’t always able to max out the volume.


My daughter got me hooked on Animal Crossing.

Currently streaming 16 seasons of grey’s anatomy, (netflix) before that it was Bosch on Amazon Prime and all the Royal Shows before that. I loved the comedies Brooklyn 9 something and Superstore. Both made me belly laugh. I need more funny shows. I don’t know what happened to Bruce Willis but his acting skills got a bit lax, he’s all over the place on Netflix. Oh, Kim’s Convenience is pretty funny too.


How I met your mother
Man seeking woman
Archer (all caught up)

I’ll need some new stuff soon. Preferably funny.


Happy Tuesday Streamers! I love seeing all the shows/games/streams we’ve watched or played over the last year and into 2021. The one show i’ve been recently watching is:
The Wilds (Amazon Prime) - It’s about a group of teenage girls who go on a “retreat” and it evolves into chaos and not everything seems like it’s supposed to be… Good show tho! 4 out of 5 BOC’s.

Other shows i need to watch: Cobra Kai Season 3 (Netflix), Wandavision (Disney Plus out on Jan. 15).
Shows I need to know more about: Bridgerton (Netflix) - Everyone is talking about this show lately, but I have no idea if i’ll like it. Has anyone seen it, let me know???

What have y’all watched???

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Bridgerton (nextfix) is a Regency era historical show based upon a book series. It’s definitely no Masterpiece/Downton Abby. I like the bright colors and the diverse cast. Basically, it’s about the goings on in the town but told from the perspective of the wealthy Bridgerton family and a gossip columnist whose gossip also affects the town and how they respond. Balls and marrying up and ridiculousness and so on. But it has a fantasy, almost an Alice in Wonderland feel to it, at least visually.

That said, the main actress is so boring and flat I want to slap her. She has the same deer caught in headlights look the entire series and it just emphasizes the missed opportunities and how fun, campy and good the other actors are.

There’s also a lot of sex. Not as much as Tiny Pretty Things (ballet show on Netflix) but still, more than needed.

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This is completely out there but I recently watched this docudrama based on the book The Cuckoo’s Egg. It’s a pretty wild true story of how a spy ring was uncovered by this nobody scientist, Cliff Stoll, all because of $0.75 missing from the monthly accounts.

It’s kinda great because it’s old and feels like something you’d have to watch in high school. Also, they used the actual people involved and main character, Cliff, is worth the watch alone. I watched it on YouTube at 2X speed so it only took me 30 minutes to watch.


Letterkenny Season 9 is back on Hulu. I’m 2 episodes in and they seem to have atoned for the sins of Season 7 and righted the ship. (Season 8 was somewhere in between)


Recently started Lupin and I am throughly enjoying it.

Watched this last night…


I watched more Letterkenny last night. The one where they invent Fartbook. I’m sure in 2011 that was revolutionary but now it’s just Reddit. :laughing:


Is this serious or a spoof of the spoof? Galaxy Quest itself is one of my Top 20!

It’s a great homage to a great movie and it’s fans. Full circle.


I’ll have to check this out, thanks!

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Have any of you watched the Night Stalker /Richard Ramirez on Netflix? My friend was trying to convince me that he was a really big deal and the Netflix production was outstanding. But as a serial killer aficionado, he’s never made my top 10 (fascinating/terrifying). He was more of a Hollywood rampage killer who was scary at the time but he wasn’t prolific.

I live in the Ozarks!..
Um … well it’s true, but not completely like the show true…
Was that convincing?

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Wife and I have been watching a few episodes a night of Guys Grocery Games on Hulu. It does not help with the late evening snacking…

We also watched One Night in Miami on Amazon Prime. A little slow but interesting to watch some historical fiction. It’s about the night Cassius Clay won the heavy weight title and a fictional interaction between him, Malcom X, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke. They talk about racial equality and how they have/can/will affect change with their talents. I’d say 3.5 out of 5 BOC’s for this.