Tell Us What You're Streamin'

So much I have not seen him in. First noticed him in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And then not again until Raising Hope. Never watched Deadwood and only the first season of Justified. Apparently I would have seen him in X-Files and Millenium, but didn’t stand out then.

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I let my husband watch those zombie shows by himself. :rofl:

There are some movies that are not as easy to find that he was excellent in. Oliver Sherman for one.

Against the Sun was another amazing performance!

He had a smaller part in another but the show itself was pretty good. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

And the series Hand of God was good too.

Here’s another interesting thing he did. Web series:

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Watched “In & of Itself” today. That was very cool. Great combination of tricks and emotional traveling.

If you’ve not seen Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, you should do so immediately. Now that Modern Family and Schitt’s Creek are done, it’s the best comedy on tv (with apologies to Letterkenny)


I’m watching Alone on Kanopy.
It’s funny, I never watched Survivor because the previews show them eating bugs and other uncooked food. Alone started out without anyone eating raw food, but eventually the contestants started doing it. Turns out it does not bother me like I thought it would. Still gross though! :nauseated_face:


'Ello there.

I haven’t watched really anything new lately, but I’ve added some to my list that I want to watch.
(Ok, I did watch “Seaspiracy” on Netflix and that was pretty good (4 out of 5 BOC’s).

Here’s what is on my list:

  1. Shadow and Bone - TV show, Netflix - This just came out and is what I think is Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones, maybe? A fantasy television genre. It’s received a lot of hype recently and has been the number one show on Netflix since it debuted so it’s definitely in my queue.

  2. Sasquatch - Documentary, Hulu - This intrigues me because it’s about a triple homicide up in Northern California on a weed farm, but there’s a lot of mystery about who did it and why. Adding it to my list!

  3. The Bad Batch - Animated TV series, Disney Plus, comes out May 4 - If you have watched all of the Star Wars The Clone Wars animated series, then you’re likely familiar with these guys. They are an eccentric group of clone troopers who are like a functionally dysfunctional A-team. Disney Plus has put out some quality content over the last year and I’m very excited about this.

Here’s what I’ve watched:
Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Disney Plus), Arrow (Netflix), The Flash (Netflix), Fear the Walking Dead (AMC), Mighty Ducks Game Changers (Disney Plus), Ant Man and the Wasp (Disney Plus).

What have y’all watched recently or want to watch? Have you seen any of the three shows/movies I listed that I’m excited for???


went to see the Demon Slayer movie, so now I’m watching the anime. I really like it!


Excellent show! Some other good ones we watch are Orphan Black, Death In Paradise, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Humans, and Fringe. It beats all the crap reality shows that are on regular TV nowadays.

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I miss Fringe, Orphan Black & Dirk Gently

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Saw that as well but I had already seen the 1st season. Sad ending but good movie. A little too many crying scenes.

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I got through season 1 and part of season 2 of Money Heist. I need to get back into it.

Great review, need to check this out.

Have not heard of this. May check it out.

Oof, the feelings.

As for me, I’ve been streaming a lot of Twitch… Either watching streams and doing my own stream. It’s a whole new world and I’m getting sucked into it. And I started playing WoW again too…

I haven’t really watched a whole lot of TV in the last month or so now. I need to finish Falcon and Wintersoldier, haven’t started on WandaVision…, need to catch up on all my current TV too that I’m way behind on. Why can’t I function on no sleep?


Watched the Mitchell’s vs the Machines on Netflix. It’s a funny family movie with a really interesting style of animation. Sometimes I caught myself wowed by the animation scenes that were full of color and action.

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Just watched the first 2 episodes. I could have easily watched more. So far I like it.

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