Tell Us What You're Streamin'

Quick update on what I want to watch!

  1. Invincible (Amazon Prime).
  2. Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix)
  3. Shadow and Bone (Netflix)

What I watched Recently:

  1. Greenland (movie, HBO Max) - This is an end of the world type flick starring Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin (best known in Firefly and Deadpool). Lot’s of action and a very realistic plotline kept me entertained throughout. Definitely wouldn’t win any awards, but an enjoyable watch and different take on the impending doom of the world that so many movies and TV shows seem to be about these days. 4 out of 5 BOCs.

and Gotham


I got to see this before it was released & I still laugh at how they edited Sigourney Weaver saying “oh f@ck” to “oh crap’”.

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Never give up! Never surrender.

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How can I forget! I did watch Gotham when she was on it, but I would definitely say that when I was a kid I had a celebrity crush on her after seeing her in Firefly and then when she was in Deadpool it reignited the crush for me, lol.


Definitely watch them myself.

I want Yellowstone to come back.

  1. Finished it
  2. Started it (on Episode 4)
  3. Binge watched it.

Still going to watch Yasuke at some point.


And Finished Jupiter’s Legacy.

I am really hoping a lot of these can follow up on the first season and do just as well.

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What up y’all, I’m here to go over a movie I watched this past weekend called, “Army of the Dead” (Netflix). I loved this movie! I’m a huge fan of zombie movies/TV shows or end of the world type flicks in general so when this came up on my radar a couple months ago, I know I had to see it opening weekend! Without going into spoilers, the premise is that a zombie outbreak happened in Las Vegas and they were actually able to contain it to just that city. A group of misfits, with some serious zombie killing skills, are hired to steal a large amount of money from a casino (All of this is in the trailer). What ensues is what you expect from a high action zombie film. Army of the Dead is the beginning of a Netflix Zombie Universe. There is already a prequel animated series with the actors from Army lending their voices to their roles. I believe a prequel movie and most likely sequels. This is not spoilers, it’s been announced months before the movie came out. This is a Rated R film with some very disgusting moments. I loved every second of it.
5 out of 5 BOCs.

Have y’all seen Army of the Dead yet? Did you like it??

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And V, the reboot in 2009.


Just got done 16 Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. But, Viola! Another Season was hiding in Hulu! All Done.

Now, I’m binging Chicago Med on Peacock.

Before both of those shows, I binged HEARTLAND, 13 seasons on Netflix. Absolutely, LOVED IT! I had no idea how beautiful horses are and now I want one. But, until we live on a big Ol’ farm, I’ll just keep watching cats, birds, horses and Retro Rick on YouTube. Oh, and baby animals on Paramount! (My kind of drug.)


we watched it and thought it was just ok. the special effects were good, lol, seemed like they took bits & pieces of better zombie films & smashed them all together.

Hey Streamers! I watched three movies this past weekend so here’s my take on all three, without spoilers of course.

  1. The New Mutants (HBO Max) - This is a spinoff of the X-Men series that centers around a group of teenage/young adult mutants who do not know how to control their powers. This is supposed to be more of a dark take on the franchise with some gore and horror aspects. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the movie, but the movie stars familiar faces from big time TV shows like Maisie Williams (Arya from Game of Thrones), Anya Taylor Joy (Beth from Queen’s Gambit) and Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things). Good cast, but a meh movie. 2 out of 5 BOCs.

  2. Stowaway (Netflix)- I will be extremely light on movie plot here, but it takes place in space on a mission to Mars. We’re some time in the future because we’ve already established a community on Mars, but this takes place on the way to Mars. That’s all I will give away for this film. It can be boring at times, but has a decent cast, starring Anna Kendrick, and some climactic moments. 3 out of 5 BOC’s.

  3. Sonic the Hedgehog (Hulu) - This movie was awesome! Has a great cast (James Marsden, Jim Carrey, Ben Schwartz, Tika Sumpter). Lot’s of action, a good plot that was easy to follow and a joy to watch. It’s definitely a fun movie so you won’t need to think too hard when watching. Don’t expect a masterpiece and you don’t need to know about the video game that it’s based on, but I genuinely enjoyed it more than the previous two movies I mentioned. 4 out of 5 BOC’s!

There you have it. If you needed some movie ideas for this weekend, I gave you a few. Have you seen any of these three and what are your thoughts? Any good movies or shows you’re excited to watch this weekend?


I started watching LetterKenny. I am late to the party.


we watched this the other night & really enjoyed it't+Feel+at+Home+in+This+World+Anymore&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgFuLUz9U3MDQtMTVT4tVP1zc0TDbKq7LISjLSkshOttIvSM0vyEkFUkXF-XlWufllmanFi1i1PBVc8vPUSxTcUlNzFBJLFDzyc1MVMvMUQjIyixXC84tyUhQc8ypz84tSd7AyAgDkipBUZgAAAA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjTxIyJ3v7wAhVaEFkFHUMODV4Q9OUBMDR6BAgsECc&biw=459&bih=913#fpstate=ivlbx


I may finally watch Manifest.

I’ve only really seen part of the Pilot, and a couple of minutes throughout the 3 seasons that it aired, but now that it’s cancelled (for now), I can watch it more leisurely.

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And two of the seasons are on Netflix so easy watching.

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Hey Streamers,

The most recent new movie I watched was the new Netflix thriller, “Awake.” The premise is that some anomaly happens and all of a sudden people can’t go to sleep. This shows how an extreme lack of sleep can mess with a person’s mind, and then multiply that by everyone in the world and you get this movie. It definitely has its moments, however, some shoddy timeline stuff here and there and sketchy plot points bring this down a bit. It’s not a must watch like some of Netflix’s other original movie hits (Bird Box and Army of the Dead), but it’s just OK. My rating: 3 out of 5 BOCs.

Have y’all seen Awake? What TV shows or movies have you watched recently?


finished Hinterland

started Alice in Borderland

slowly working through the final season of Kim’s Convenience


Paused while watching LetterKenny (season 6).

Started watching Handmaid’s Tale (kinda odd so far)

Caught up on Loki (Episode 2)

That’s all for now.