Tell Us What You're Streamin'

Stream team! I have a couple big shows that I recommend that both had their second season come out recently.

  1. Black Summer (TV show - Netflix) - Zombie shows are fun again? Zombie shows are fun again! The first season of this show came out in 2019 and the long awaited season 2 came out this past week. The premise of the show is the immediate aftermath of a viral zombie outbreak. Walking Dead in the beginning picks up 9 weeks after, but this show starts like 4 days after the first zombie attack. What sets this apart from other shows is there are multiple miniature episodes within each episode (if that makes sense) that are all broken up with different titles and the camera work is done extremely well. It’s a lot of single shot camera work, mixed in with many close ups and a hand held camera feel. Zombies are different as well, but for the better. This show is “loosely” in the same universe as SyFy comedy, Z Nation, but this is MUCH more serious in tone and a different show altogether. One of my favorite Netflix originals. Season 1 was good, but Season 2 made it one of the best shows on TV.
    My Rating: 5 out of 5 BOC’s.

  2. For All Mankind (TV Show - Apple TV Plus) - I’m pretty sure I have already given a review of “For All Mankind” so I’ll be brief here. The premise is an alternate history where the US never stopped going to the moon. Season 1 takes place in the 60s/70s and season 2 is in the early 80s. The drama, the character development, the action. It has it all. Fantastic.
    My Rating: 5 out of 5 BOC’s.

What I’m watching next!
The Tomorrow War (movie - Amazon Prime Video, Premiers July 2) - Chris Pratt stars in this movie about people from the future coming back in time to get soldiers for a war to save humanity. It sounds very science fiction and I’m here for it! I’ll give my review after I watch it.

Other things I’ve watched recently: Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous season 3 (TV show - Netflix); Batman (movie - HBO Max); Loki (TV show - Disney Plus).

What have y’all watched?


Up to Season 8 on LetterKenny
Still on Season 1 of Handmaid’s Tale
Caught up on Loki (ep. 4)
Started watching “Dave” on Hulu
Was told to watch “Billions”

I need to calm down my streaming.


I’m back from Vacation! almost 2 weeks away is much needed after the last year we’ve had. I’ve watched a couple things recently that I’ll put out below!

  1. A Quiet Place pt. 2 (movie, Paramount Plus) - This was awesome! If you’ve seen a the first Quiet Place movie, you’ll know that it’s about a family living in a world where if you make noise, you might get ripped to shreds by aliens… The sequel was fantastic and as good as the first with the suspense, action and adventure that made the first movie so good. My rating: 5 out of 5 BOC’s.

  2. iCarly Reboot (TV show, Paramount Plus) - Did I watch this? Yes. This sitcom with a laugh track is a reboot to the old iCarly shows based around a girl and her family/friends and the web show she has. Well, they’re 14 years older now and they really buy into what a real-world 26 year old would deal with going into mature themes in pretty much every episode. I was a teen in the iCarly days and that’s why I watched this reboot. It wasn’t bad. My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 BOC’s.

  3. Shark Academy (TV Show, Discovery Plus) - This is a game show where 8 people fight for the opportunity to join a science team that researches sharks for a living. They spend six weeks doing scientific tasks and diving with sharks. If you are a Shark Week person like me, then you might like this series. My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 BOC’s.

  4. Jackass’ Shark Week (TV show, Discovery Plus) - Yes. 4 out of 5 BOC’s.

What’s Next? - TED LASSO SEASON 2 coming out within the next week. (Apple TV Plus)

What have y’all watched lately???

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