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I’m newly watching Orange is the New Black again from season 1. Don’t have the mouse channel so all this shit about baby Yodas and crap is wasted on me.

Is Lost in Space season 2 out?


I think I saw an ad on Netflix or TV that the new season was coming out soon but I don’t know for sure. Haven’t watched it but hear good things. Never watched the original so I’d probably miss out on easter eggs.

The Mouse Channel can be a bit much sometimes lol.

Yes, Lost in Space Season 2 is out on Netflix! It came out a couple weeks ago so it’s ready for your viewing pleasure!


Lost in Space Season 2 is out now, see above. However, I too did not watch the original, but I like to say that I know a little bit about a lot of things and one thing I knew about this show going in was this famous quote: “Danger, Will Robinson!” so I think you’ll be OK not watching the original.

I really enjoyed season 1 and can’t wait to watch season 2!

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I am so far behind on this, but it’s a fantastic show. and I would watch Cillian Murphy do pretty much anything, so it’s a win win for me. :heart_eyes:


It is one of my favorite shows! The newest season debuted last fall I think and I need to watch!


Almost done with The Man in the High Castle. Then on to season 8 of Letterkenny. (Have you seen it yet @zachrusswoot? I thought season 7 was a bit off. I missed the produce stand). After that, The Mandalorian looms large, as does the latest season of Stranger Things (that one has been on Mrs. W’s schedule so I’ve had to wait). I’ve also got Castle Rock Season 2 and season 3 of Glitch waiting. I’ve heard that a new season of $chitt’s Creek is out but I’ve not yet confirmed. That may trump all on this list.


yes, I believe the new Schitt’s Creek is out. so excited!



We started Schitt’s Creek but didn’t get past the first few episodes. Consider it on “the list”

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Dear Schitt’s Creek…


Streamers not Lemurs! Happy Monday y’all! Over the weekend I streamed one new show and one old movie.

New Show: Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. You can find this 3-part documentary on Netflix. This was a really well made documentary and as a sports fan who knew Aaron Hernandez and the trouble he got in, there’s enough new things here to keep your interest. There are definitely some wild accusations about his life. Very interesting. My Rating: 8 out of 10 BOCs.

Old Movie: “Cars” - I love Disneyland and Disney animated films and normal non-animated movies/shows anything. My girlfriend likes them too, however, she grew up with an older brother she tried to emulate so she missed out on some of the Disney essentials. We’re going to Disneyland and California Adventures later this year and I told her if she wants to go on a ride, she has to watch the movie beforehand lol So we started with Cars last night. I like this movie a lot and some of the visuals and scenery are amazing and hold up incredibly well today some 15 years later. There’s also a decent amount of adult humor that I probably did not catch during my first viewings. My rating: 8.5 out of 10 BOCs.

What did you watch this weekend?!


we finished the latest season of Dark this weekend. that means I can watch Mandalorain next. or Watchman, those are the top of my list.

my kids only saw the first Cars, they were too old to be interested in any sequels. but we’re going to Paris Disneyland in 2 weeks and the hotel we’re staying in is Car themed. I’ll try to remember to post pics in this thread!

also watched The Lighthouse this weekend and wow! that was confusing!

one of my favorites!

Mandalorian near the top of my next watch list. We are on the fence about keeping HBO. Now that GOT and Silicon Valley are done, the only “in progress” show left for me is Westworld. Season 2 was a large cut below Season 1 in my opinion so I’m not sure it justifies $15/month. I thought Watchmen might keep me hanging around, but now that I see a second season is unlikely, I’ll probably just bag HBO and use my $15 for a $10 Sunday Woot.shirt and a $5 subscription to Peacock

We caught a few more Season 2 episodes of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I forgot how great that writing is on that show!

We used to watch a show (we only stream, no TV) every night with dinner. Now we now only watch on the weekends. Weekdays we play games. Helps us reconnect since we both work so many hours.

This is a huge list and goes back a ways but I would recommend these shows to friends so I keep a list.

We tend to watch a couple episodes of something stronger then lighten it up with a comedy.

Currently it’s The Crown and Extras (Ricky Gervais, so funny)

  • Handmaid’s Tale
  • Flowers (we do love British comedy and this one is great! Think Mighty Boosh meets Queen Elizabeth)
  • Peaky Blinders
  • The Good Wife
  • The Americans (the premise of this was very interesting)
  • The Wire
  • Good Omens
  • Goliath (love Billy Bob in this)
  • Fargo (same…first season was best with Billy Bob)
  • Kominsky Method (Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin)
  • Unbelievable (this is a must-watch)
  • Schitt’s Creek (loved this, but hated the first episode, took us weeks to give it another try after saying no way)
  • Norsemen (is campy hilarious)
  • The Fall
  • Deadwood
  • MIndHunter
  • Rake (is fun)
  • Penny Dreadful
  • The Tudors

some of the better shows we have seen

  • Rectify (one of the best written shows I have watched, not well known, worth watching. It is slow but the characters develop so well this way, very deep)
  • The Killing (loved this series, loved the chemistry of the two cops)
  • Boardwalk Empire (was so sad when this one ended, gained a huge appreciation for Steve Buscemi)
  • Mozart in the Jungle (LOVED this one, loved the music, fell in love with Rodrigo, felt they could have cast Hailey better…and her laugh got old)

…and my husband who is a brainiac Novelist who idolizes Shakespeare, Hemingway, Dostoyevsky and more loves a flip side to him with a different sense of humor than me and loves the silly stuff

  • Trailer Park Boys (ok I chuckle here and there)
  • South Park (I do enjoy this more than I like to admit)
  • Letter Kenny or something like that
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm (which I simply cannot watch, any show where they are constantly getting into predicaments like that drives me batty…but it IS funny.)
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I put way more work into that post than I should have!

This is fantastic…I’ve got season 8 next on my list!

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